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21 and 23 Flitwick Road Westoning

21 and 23 Flitwick Road January 2010
21 and 23 Flitwick Road January 2010

Like much of Westoning, 21 and 23 Flitwick Road were owned by the Westoning Estate but were sold in 1918 along with a good deal of other property. They formed Lot 11 in the auction sale and were described thus [Z720/1/27]: "The dwelling house and business premises conveniently placed on the Flitwick Road, in the occupation of Mr. Richard Higgs on a Yearly tenancy at the annual rental of £11. Substantially built of Brick with slated roofs, the property contains Sitting Room, Living Room, Kitchen with copper and sink, Dairy, 3 Bedrooms, 6-Bushel Bakehouse, Flour Room and Chaff Loft together with a Range of Farm Buildings constructed if Brick and Timber with tiled roofs, includes Barn, Cart Shed, Cow House for 5 and Loose Box".


Number 23 was a: "Large and Well Cultivated Garden, Roomy Double-Fronted Cottage built of brick and Slate and containing Sitting Room, Living Room, Kitchen and 3 Bedrooms, with brick, Timber and Slated Coal Barn, Closet and Store Place. Plot of Garden Ground in the occupation of Mr. William Knight on a monthly tenancy at the Annual Rent of £6:18:8 the Owner paying outgoings. The total area extaned to 0a. 2r. 15p. (more or less) and the Rentals Amount to £17:18:8".

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every piece of land and building in the country was to be assessed to determine the rates to be paid on it. Westoning, like most of Bedfordshire, was assessed in 1927 and the valuer visiting 21 and 23 Flitwick Road [DV1/C135/86-88] noted that they were owned by Mrs. R. M. Higgs, Richard Higgs had obviously bought them in 1918. She lived at Number 21, which seems no longer to have been a business premises and Number 23 was still occupied by William Knight who still paid £6/18/8 per annum in rent.

Number 21 comprised two living rooms and a kitchen downstairs with three bedrooms above. Outside stood a brick and slate stable and dairy with a loft over, two brick and tile store sheds, a brick and tile open cart shed and a brick and tile pigsty. The property also had a cellar.  Number 23 was identical except that the valuer did not record a cellar and outside there were only two timber and tile barns and an earth closet.