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Vagabonds in Milton Bryan

Milton Bryan parish registers include two loose pieces of paper gibing the names and details of vagabonds found in the parish, whipped and sent to their places of legal residence [P15/10/1-2]. This was done because people without work were the responsibility of the parish in which they were legally settled, who would put them in the parish workhouse where they would be put to work to earn their keep. Naturally this was an expense on that particular parish and no other parish wanted the expense of another parish’s poor. Only two men are recorded and the details are set out below, note the original spellings.

“Robert Burroughes, a sturdy wandringe rogue. Black haire, hookd nose, and of a middle stature, was taken in this parish 11 November: [16]78: whipt according to law and sent to Bow Brickhill in ye Countye of Bucks, the place of his birth as he confesses”.

“Joseph Elkington, a styrdye vagrant, about seventeen years of age, of a low stature, light colored, reddish browne haire, was taken begginge in this parish, 24 Decb: [16]87 and whipt according to law, and sent by passe towards St. Giles Cripplegate, London, ye place as he confessed of his birth; he had ten days allowed him in his passé to get thither”.