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Canal Workers in the 1891 Census

Barge on the canal at Old Linslade October 2008
Barge on the canal at Old Linslade October 2008

The following references to canal workers come from the 1891 Census return for Linslade. Clearly some canal workers on the Linslade stretch would live elsewhere but these figures show the impact on Linslade. Linslade Lock lies just off the northernmost point of Bossington Lane.

Bossington Lane

  • William Redhead, 75, boatman, Hillmorton [Warwickshire]

Bridge Street

  • Robert Smith, 60, wharfinger, Uttoxeter [Staffordshire]

Canal Boat

  • Thomas Bird, 17, barge labourer, Northampton
  • Arthur Johns, 18, canal barge captain, Brampton [Northamptonshire]
  • Edward Hewitt, 21, barge labourer, Simpson [Buckinghamshire]

Ledburn Road

  • Wharf House - Richard Turney, 32, coal merchant, Linslade

Linslade Lock

  • Charles Turney, 48, lock keeper, Slapton [Buckinghamshire]

New Road

  • John H.Brooke, 36, boat proprietor, Holborn [Middlesex]

Old Linslade

  • John S.Hollyer, 77, clerk to Grand Junction Canal Company, Saint Catherine's, Commercial Road, London

Stoke Road

  • Joseph Blundell, 68, canal labourer, Simpson [Buckinghamshire]

Wing Road

  • Joseph Charge, 67, general canal carrier, Birmingham
  • The Wharf - William Taylor, 73, general labourer, Heath & Reach  

Total: 12 (9 on shore, 3 on boats)
2 barge labourers
1 boatmen
1 boat proprietor
1 canal barge captain
1 canal labourer
1 clerk
1 coal merchant
1 general canal carrier
1 general labourer
1 lock keeper
1 wharfinger