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The Vine Inn Bromham

The only known references to this inn are a stray reference as an abuttal in a deed on 1580, a deed of 1768 and two wills. Interestingly at least two men called William Staines seem to have been publicans at the inn and a third, albeit, three generations later was noted as owning land on the site of the Swan about 1810. As the last known reference to the Vine is 1768 and the first known reference to the Swan is 1798 it is just possible that the Vine was an earlier name for the Swan, but this is highly speculative.

References of Documents held by Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service

  • WW379: Tenement called the Vine noted as an abuttal in a deed: 1580;
  • WW24 & 25: Inn called the Vine in the occupation of William Staines conveyed as part of the Manor of Bromham: 1708-9;
  • ABP/W/1712/39: Will of William Staines of Bromham, yeoman: 1712;
  • ABP/W/1732/17: Will of William Staines of Bedford, Innholder: 1732;
  • R6/7/1/3: conveyed with other land as part of a marriage settlement of Thomas, 2nd Viscount Hampden: 1768.

Licencees: note that this is not a complete list and that dates in italics are not necessarily beginning or end dates, merely the first/last date which can be confirmed from sources such as directories and deeds:

1708-1712: William Staines;
1732: William Staines