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Bromham Index of Pages


The Parish of Bromham in General

Bromham Maps

A Ramble in Bromham in 1879

Molivers Wood, Bromham

Bromham Before 1086

Medieval Bromham

Bromham in 1086

The Murder of a Priest's Son in Bromham in 1272

A Cart Accident in Bromham in 1272

The Manor of Bromham alias Brayes

The Manor of Bromham Bowels

The Manor of Bromham Wakes

The Second Manor of Bromham


The Dyve Family of Bromham

The Dispute Between the Botelers and the Dyves

Sir Lewis Dyve

Sir Lewis Dyve's Escape

The Trevor Family

William Henry Allen

The Established Church

Bromham Church Architecture

Bromham Church Repairs and Alterations

List of Bromham Vicars

Bromham Vicarages


Bromham Registration and Early References

Baptists in Bromham

Methodists in Bromham

Roman Catholicism in Bromham


Early Education in Bromham

Bromham Schools

Bromham School in 1904

Rainbow Special School, Bromham

Sources for Education in Bromham

Interesting Buildings

Bromham House and Colony

Bromham Park

Bromham Hall

Lower Farm Road

Little Park House, Bromham

Molivers Lane

1 and 5 Molivers Lane, Bromham

Oakley Road

Moliver House - 15 Oakley Road, Bromham

Rose Cottage - 11 Oakley Road, Bromham

Stagsden Road

Bromham Bridge

Bromham Mill

The Old Smithy - 8 Stagsden Road, Bromham

Berry Farmhouse, Bromham

110 Stagsden Road, Bromham

The Green

Bromham Pound

Greenwood Cottage - 14 The Green, Bromham

Kerry House - 15 The Green, Bromham

Kerry Thatch - 16 The Green, Bromham

Thistley Lane

1 to 9 Thistley Lane, Bromham

Village Road

6 Village Road, Bromham

Hill Cottage - 37 Village Road, Bromham

38 and 40 Village Road, Bromham

45 to 49 Village Road, Bromham

46 Village Road, Bromham

51 and 53 Village Road, Bromham

62 to 66 Village Road, Bromham

74 and 76 Village Road, Bromham

88 to 92 Village Road, Bromham

109 to 113 Village Road, Bromham

Old Yews Cottage - 129 Village Road, Bromham

Licensed Premises

The Crown Public House, Bromham

The Prince of Wales Public House, Bromham

The Swan Public House, Bromham

The Vine Inn, Bromham