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Hill Cottage - 37 Village Road Bromham

Hill Cottage - 37 Village Road March 2012
Hill Cottage - 37 Village Road March 2012

37 Village Road is an attractive cottage, once a pair of cottages, which is undergoing building work at the time of writing [2012]. The cottage formed part of the Bromham Hall Estate and was part of the estate put up for sale by auction in 1924. The sale particulars for the property read as follows [AD1147/4]:

LOT 43
Situate at Bridge End, in the Parish of Bromham, close to the Road.

Each contains Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry and Three Bedrooms, with Wash-house and E. C. outside.

Large Gardens with Fruit Trees. Well Water.

Area .365 of an Acre

One is let to Mr. G. F. Collins and the other to Mr. J. Robinson, on Quarterly Tenancies, each at a rental of £3 5s. 6d. per annum

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value. The valuer visiting 37 Village Road [DV1/C3/29-30] found that both dwellings were now owned by C. Phipps who must have bought them in 1924.

H. N. Waller now lived in the eastern dwelling and now paid £5 per annum since 1924. The valuer described the accommodation as “very good”. He noted that the parlour had a brick fireplace. J. Robinson still inhabited the other dwelling and now paid £5/1/- per annum. His accommodation matched Waller’s. An annotation notes that C. W. Taylor followed him as tenant.