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A Cart Accident in Bromham in 1272

Volume XLI of Bedfordshire Historical Records Society is a series of translations by R. F. Hunnisett of medieval coroner's rolls for the county, entry 126 reads: “After day-break on 30th June 1272 Robert Branduz of Biddenham, William Passeleuwe’s carter, and Henry ate Hull of Edlesborough, William’s servant, went in a cart, drawn by horse, from William’s court-yard in Bromham and came into the street towards [the house of] Nicholas Pinnecunte of Bromham. A filly, aged 1½, came and the horse pursued it, running powerfully with the cart in “Le Linge” furlong, where by misadventure the cart fell over and Robert fell and broke his neck by misadventure and immediately died. Henry ate Hull went back from the cart and forcibly detained the horse, saw Robert dead, immediately raised the hue and found pledges, Simon le Wyke and Robert Passeleuwe of Biddenham. The horse was appraised at 4s., the cart at 12d. and the foal at 19d.; they were delivered to Bromham”.

At the eyre later the horse and cart were together appraised at 6/6, well above what Bromham had appraised them at, no doubt in a failed attempt to avoid having to pay too much. The village was fined for this false appraisal. The Passeleuwe family were Lords of the Manor of Bowels and so Passeleuwe's house may have been somewhere in the vicinity of Bowels Wood.