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Roman Catholicism in Bromham

The Village Hall in 1956 [X535/3]
The Village Hall in 1956 [X535/3]

The Bromham Women's Institute scrapbook, compiled in 1965 [X351/8]. Has the following section: "There are about 50 Roman Catholic families in Bromham and, whilst as yet they have no church in the village, mass is said in the Village Hall approximately once each month".

"A good community spirit exists with members working well together. Coffee mornings are held about once a month and the money raised is used to help to stock the stalls which Bromham Group run at their local Church Fairs in Bedford".

"The main event of the year was in August when a Roman Catholic Mission was held in the Village Hall for a week. This was led by one priest and 20 members of the Legion of Mary. Mass was said in various houses in the mornings and there were talks in the Village Hall every night. On the Friday night there was a Social and this did much to improve stil lfurther the good relations between the local Catholic families".

"The aim is to provide, in the not too distant future, a Mass Centre in the village and, it is hoped, one day a Bromham Roman Catholic Church". At the time of writing [2012] there is still no Roman Catholic church in Bromham.