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Bletsoe School in 1904

Bletsoe National School elevation - 1852 [AD3865/7]
Bletsoe National School elevation - 1852 [AD3865/7]

In 1903, following the Education Act of 1902, Bedfordshire County Council became Local Education Authority for the county. In order to take stock of its buildings it sent surveyors to every school to produce reports, which the CountySurveyor presented to the council in 1904. The report for Bletsoe reads as follows:

The House is not let for School purposes, but is occupied by the Postman and Rate Collector.

This is a stone built and tiled structure, in very fair order, having been recently cleansed and renovated.

The School Room measures 35 feet by 17 feet by 11 feet and 3 feet 9 inches to collar beam. It has three large windows and ceiling ventilator, and an open fire.

There are two Cloak Lobbies, also Entrance Lobbies and an open shed between rear lobbies.

Lavatory [in the sense of a place to wash] - None provided.

The Offices are common privies, fairly lighted and ventilated; they are too near the School, and should be converted into Earth Closets, i.e. pails with an earth box and shovel alongside the seat. This method is successfully worked in other small Schools, and might be here at a small cost for alteration.

The House Closet, being also very near, should be similarly dealt with.

Water Supply The water has to be fetched from the Rectory, 100 yards off. None is provided on the premises.

Otherwise, these school premises are in good order, repairs having but recently been effected during the holidays.