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9 Memorial Lane Bletsoe

9 Memorial Lane September 2009
9 Memorial Lane September 2009

9 Memorial Lane is also known as Pixie Cottage. An attractive building, it was listed by English Heritage in August 1987 as Grade II, of special interest. It is a 17th century cottage, timber-framed with colour-washed plaster infill and a limestone rubble chimney. The roof is thatched. The house was of a simple two room plan downstairs, divided by a chimney, though the right hand room has been demolished. The bedrooms are in the attics.

The terms of the Rating and Valuation Act 1925 required every piece of land and building in the country to be valued to determine its rateable value. Most of Bedfordshire was valued in 1927. The valuer visiting 9 Memorial Lane noted that it was, like most of the parish, owned by Lord Saint John and was, nominally, occupied by J. Brown, however the valuer commented: becoming derelict but could be occupied". Beyond noting that the house was built of plaster and thatch he did not venture any further description.