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8 to 13 High Street Souldrop

 8 to 13 High Street April 2015
8 to 13 High Street April 2015

This row of six Bedford Estate cottages was built in 1865, the Duke of Bedford being Lord of the Manor of Souldrop at the time. By 1922 the row formed part of the Colworth Estate, which was put up for sale by auction in that year. The sale particulars [Z1246/1] describe it as “a block of six capital modern cottages” on two roods, sixteen poles of land. “The Cottages are occupied as follows: (a) Estate Employee; (b) Mr Thomas Prigmore; (c) and (d) Estate Employees; (e) Mr George Rich; and (f) an Estate Employee. B and e are Weekly Tenancies and the others Service Tenancies. The Cottages are built of brick with tiled roofs, and each contains three Bedrooms, Living Room, Scullery and Pantry, with Outbuildings and joint Bake House”. The whole estate was withdrawn as not sold and offered again in 1924 [Z1323/1/4].

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value. The valuer visiting the row [DV1/C167/41-46] described the sculleries as kitchens. He noted: “Very good, stand back from road”. The owners and occupiers (north to south) were as follows:

  • A Edwards, owner and occupier;
  • H Rich, owner and occupier;
  • W Edwards, owner and occupier;
  • F Parsons owner, Mrs P J Prigmore occupier at a rent of three shillings per week;
  • F Parsons owner, W Watson occupier at a service rent;
  • Mrs W Partridge owner, W Smith occupier at a rent of three shillings per week.