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Sources for Education in Ridgmont

Ridgmont Lower School mural December 2010
Ridgmont Lower School mural December 2010

The following list gives all the sources relating to education in Ridgmont held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information.

  • X347/2: private school kept by the Baptist minister at his manse: 1816;
  • R3/5051: suggestion of a donation by the Duke of Bedford to the BritishSchool: 1846;
  • R3/5107: great need for school accommodation: 1846;
  • RD/AB/A: form concerning the infants school: 1848;
  • Z840/1/5: details of buns provided for BritishSchool teas: 1857-1860;
  • X347/3: mention of the BritishSchool: 1864;
  • X347/3: infants school held in the vestry of the Baptists church during rebuilding of the school buildings: 1871-1878;
  • R4/794: infants school cash book: 1871-1879;
  • P43/8/1: Duke of Bedford's offer to provide new schools to the parish: 1872;
  • SB34/1: School Board minutes: 1878-1890;
  • SB34/3: financial statements: 1878-1903;
  • SB34/4-5: School Board cash books: 1878-1903;
  • E/SA3/1/1: tabulated returns of pupils: 1879;
  • CCE/SB34/1: copy agreement for lease from the Duke of Bedford to the School Board: 1879;
  • R4/938: papers regarding parish institutions including the school: 1883-1884;
  • R4/938: "the dirtiest … and most uncared for appearance of any school…": 1884;
  • SB34/2: School Board minutes: 1890-1903;
  • CRT130Ridgmont8: Life in Ridgmont 1900-1925 by Janet Bolton;
  • Z50/142/178: school group photograph: early 20th century;
  • Z50/95/29: photograph of the school: early 20th century;
  • Z50/95/30-35: photographs of church and school: early 20th century;
  • Z1332/2: testimonial for leaving pupil: 1900;
  • SB34/6: Report of the School Board clerk to Bedfordshire County Council: 1903;
  • E/TE5/1: details of teachers: 1904-1908;
  • E/TE5/2: details of teachers: 1908-1912;
  • Z50/95/104: photograph showing the school in the background: c. 1910;
  • HN10/353/Adams1: draft conveyance of 85 High Street which included a school room: 1911;
  • E/IN1/1: inspector's reports: 1911-1938;
  • Z50/142/177: photograph of a school group: 1915;
  • SDRidgmont1: log book: 1918-1959;
  • BTNeg1265/3-4: photographs of Ridgmont school dinners: 1942;
  • CCA9/7: renewal of Bedford Estate lease of the school: 1947-1949;
  • CCA9/9: water supply agreement: 1952-1970;
  • PY/E2/2/428: tenancy agreements for the school house: 1958-1977;
  • SDRidgmont2: log book: 1959-1974;
  • CA8/731: building maintenance file: 1966-1982;
  • PY/E2/1/217: file on the lease of the school house: 1970-1981;
  • E/TE3/3: return of teaching staff: 1981;
  • E/SC1/Gen/5-6: details of the school: 1981;
  • E/TE2/2/L/64: details of the school: 1985-1986;
  • E/TE36: return of teaching staff: 1986;
  • E/MS3/2/2: kitchen and other details: c. 1987;
  • E/Pu4/4/129: prospectus: 1995.