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Methodism in Meppershall

Primitive Methodist Church March 2015
The Primitive Methodist Chapel March 2015

There were Primitive Methodists in Meppershall for some years before the chapel was built. The village formed part of the Bedford Primitive Methodist Circuit and the circuit baptism register includes the following entry [MB1854]: 16th August 1868: Rosa Fanny, daughter of Samuel Burnage, labourer and Catherine, his wife.

In 1915 the chapel was built on the High Street, it then formed part of the Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Primitive Circuit. Bedfordshire and Luton Archive and Record Service has a trustees minute book covering the years 1915 to 1960 [MB2/MEP/3/3519] and a trustees treasurer's account book covering 1915 to 1979 [MB2/MEP/3/3520].

In 1932 Primitive Methodism, Wesleyan Methodism and United Methodism came together to form the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The following year Meppershall was transferred to the Biggleswade Methodist Circuit. In the early 1970s plans were made for alterations to the chapel [MB2/MEP/6/978]. The meeting seems to have closed about 2005, Bedfordshire and Luton Archive and Record Service holding no record later than 1991.

Bedfordshire and Luton Archive and Record Service has the following records:

  •  MB2/MEP/2/977: trustees' minute book: 1915-1960;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3519: trustees treasurer's account book: 1915-1979;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3521: treasurer's book: 1978-1984;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3522: account book: 1984-1991;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3523: collection journal: 1954-1967;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3524: collection journal: 1967-1980;
  •  MB2/MEP/3/3525: collection journal: 1967-1980;
  •  MB2/MEP/6/978: plan for alterations: 1972-1973;
  •  MB2/MEP/7/3526: Sunday School account book: 1973-1986;
  •  MB2/MEP/16/3527: notices book: 1971-1980.