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List of Eggington Inhabitants in 1917

Claridges January 2013
Claridges January 2013

Frederick Gurney of Claridges made a list of inhabitants of Eggington Village on 28th September 1917 [X325/61]. He noted: Copied out in alphabetical order and sent to the Local Food Committee. 129 names. The list is useful because it falls in between the censuses of 1911 and 1921.The list and comments at the end are presented as written.

Hill Farm
Mr George Fuller farmer & bailiff
Mrs Naomi Fuller
Mr Walter Fuller (lying ill with heart strain)
Miss Florence Fuller (child)

Mr William Webb, gardener
Mrs Marian Webb
Vera Kathleen Webb (niece left recently for the north)

West Hill House
Mr George Orchard (labourer)
Miss Florence Orchard
Sidney Orchard (child)

Richard Waddington (labourer) ‘a Yorkshireman by birth’
Mrs Louise Waddington

James Lathwell, labourer
Mrs Ellen Lathwell

Harry Cox, labourer, lives alone in small cottage.

Miss Stevens, lives in cottage here some parts of year, absent now.

Engineer not at home.

William Munday, old age pensioner
Mrs Ruth Munday

Frank Henry Fooks, keeper, he is a stranger to this district.
Bertha Winifred Fooks
Gertrude Winifred Fooks, child
Hubert Sidney Fooks, child
Frances Grace Fooks, child

Mrs Mary Nash
Alfred Nash
Samual Nash
Lizzie Nash

Mr Harry Hely, smallholder, son of Heley of Clipstone
Mrs Annie Hely

William Sturman, labourer
Mrs Annie Maria Sturman
Mr George William Sturman, tailor

Mr Arthur Fuller, stranger to the district
Mrs Emily Gertrude Fuller

Mrs George
Mrs Chapman
Miss Annie Symes
Miss Susan Symes
Both Symes cam originally from the S.W. country about Dorchester but recently from Billington

Ann Turner

Mr Alfred Dudley
Mrs Charlotte Dudley
Alfred Ludgate
Violet Dudley
Willie Dudley, 16
Rupert Dudley, 14
Stanley Dudley 9

William Henry Osborne, timber labourer of an old Tebworth family
Mrs Sarah Osborne
William Charles Osborne, labourer, son of W H Osborne
Mrs Florence Ellen Osborne
Daniel William Osborne, child

Claridges Farm House:
Frederick George Gurney, born at Slapton
Ernest Thomas Gurney

This family came from Compton Wingate:
Mr Francis Wright, innkeeper and gardener, The Horse Shoes
Mrs Mezab Wright
Phoebe Mary Wright
Hilda Grace Wright

Mrs Jane Dudley, receives poor relief

The Plough: newcomers but probably a local family.
Stephen Edward Giddins
Mrs Mary Giddins
Winifred Giddins, child

Mr Alfred Leach, Post Office, ‘came originally from Totternhoe I believe’
Mrs Sarah Leach
Miss Nellie Leach

Mr William Leach, unrelated to the last family and belonging to Eggington
Mrs Grace Leach
May Leach & Ellen Leach, children

Mrs Thirza Munday
Charles Munday
Mr Albert Munday, farm labourer
Mrs Emma Munday
George Munday & Ada Munday, both under 21

Mr Walter Turner
Mrs Lilly Turner
John Turner, 14
Irene Turner, 11
Cicely Turner, 6

Mr William Washington, old local family
Miss Louisa Washington
Miss Kathleen Washington, child
(son lives in Leighton, servant to Mr Harold Hamilton)

Mr Alfred Sturman
Mrs Sarah Sturman
Alec Sturman, child
Jack Sturman, child
Kathleen Sturman, child
Ronald Sturman, child

Mrs Annie Munday
Charlie Smith, child

Miss Harriet Ludgate, alone

Mr George Brown
Mrs Clara Brown
Bertie Brown, grown-up

Mr Jonathan Edwards
Mrs Pamela Edwards
Miss Elsie Edwards
Mrs Florence Cox
Miss Isabel Cox, child

Mr Harold Price , only weekends
Mrs Gertrude Price
James Price, child
Joan Price, baby

Mrs D Underwood, husband abroad
Dora Jenkins, ?dau by another man?
Leslie J Underwood
Sidney G Underwood
Cyril David Underwood

Mrs Ezra Lathwell, husband home only Saturdays and Sundays
Arthur Washington, son’s boy, working
John Lathwell, school
Philip Lathwell, school

Mrs Lillie Turner, husband William Turner a soldier
Mabel Turner
Edith Turner
Ethel Turner
Elsie Turner
Freddie Turner
[?] Turner

Mr Samuel Horne
Mrs Rebecca Horne

Mrs Martha Partling, widow, old lady of 77
Miss Jessie Partling

Mr William Saunders
Mrs Charlotte Saunders
Olive Saunders
Louisa Saunders
Reginald, baby
Mr Jim Saunders, eldest son

In addition Sunderland & his wife, the parson’s household (self, wife & daughter), Vanderwells (self, wife, daughter, 3 maidservants, a nurse, with others)

The younger Edwards (with a sister, I think), old Cox’s household, including a woman, several young children, Batchelor at the Manor Farm, with his daughter Mrs Kingston, Miss Partridge the schoolmistress and a boy named Batchelor and perhaps another. Finally Gig the gardeners familywhich I think is numerous. He is wholly a newcomer to the village. This list does not include Brigginton & Clipstone hamlets. Upper Hill Farm and Eggington Fields Farm are not inhabited. An ancient house of 2 tenements near the vicarage and a few other small cottages are empty. The Hall too has not been found a tenant since Mrs Campbell died early in 1915. The full population of the village is probably about 155.