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Sources for Education in Ravensden

The following sources relating to education in Ravensden are held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to data protection legislation records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information.

  • X65/168: photocopy of “Miss Emma Peacock. Summing book”, 1848
  • P89/25/7: receipts for schoolmaster’s salary, 1858-1879
  • SDRavensden3/1: school managers' minutes, 1903-1966
  • SDRavensden4: various accounts and other financial records, 1866-1964
  • SDRavensden5/1C: Charity Commission correspondence authorising building of the school and 20 guineas p.a towards master’s stipend, 1858
  • SDRavensden5/1D: Correspondence between Francis Wythes and Charity Commissions regarding conveyance of the school site, building specification and contract, 1862-1867
  • SDRavensden5/1H: school trust deed, 1866
  • SDRavensden5/1I-L: items relating to enlargement of school building, 1886
  • SDRavensden5/1P-R: items relating to new school playground, 1911
  • SDRavensden5/2-3: plans of original school building, 1863-1867
  • SDRavensden5/5: inventory of furniture in schoolmaster’s house, 1884
  • SDRavensden5/8: plan of Ravensden School, 1894
  • SDRavensden6/1: agreement between trustees &managers and Mr & Mrs George Garland, 1885
  • SDRavensden6/2-3: agreements between trustees & managers and Reginald Satchwill, schoolmaster, 1896-1897
  • SDRavensden6/5: correspondence regarding resignation of Mr and Mrs F.J.Hudson and master and mistress and method of appointment of successors when school under local authority control, 1903
  • SDRavensden6/6-7: applications and testimonials for applicants for post of headmaster, 1903
  • SDRavensden6/8: agreement between managers and Alfred Edward Benney and Elizabeth Benney, elementary school teachers, 1903
  • SDRavensden7: correspondence of managers and trustees
  • E/SA3/1/2: inspector's and managers' reports: 1903;
  • E/TE5/3: details of teachers: 1904-1908;
  • E/TE5/4: details of teachers: 1909-1912;
  • E/IN1/1: inspector's reports: 1911-1936
  • PCRavensden26/6: complaint by Ravensden WI regarding state of school sanitation, 1965
  • PCRavensden18/35: application for demolition of school building and redevelopment of the site, 1969-70
  • E/SC1/Gen/5-6: Appendices to report of small schools working party, 1981
  • PCRavensden26/9: reports on school to parish council, 1990-1992
  • E/Pu/4/4/86: school prospectus, 1995
  • PCRavensden18/48: planning applications relating to the school, 2004-2012