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Lower Grange, Ravensden

This page was written by Trevor Stewart

The Grange 2

Ravensden Grange 2019 (courtesy of Michael Graham)

This Georgian property is made of brick with a washed plaster render. It is a listed building situated on one of the highest points in the village and was constructed in 1854 for Rev. Thomas Sunderland, to replace the ancient, and no doubt expensive to maintain, original Grange.

The catalyst for this new building was clearly the adoption and surfacing of the Bedford to Kimbolton Road, giving direct access to the new house and thus also avoiding the cost of upkeep of the various long paths and avenues from Church End.

The house was large for its time and had 11 rooms including a ballroom, plus stables, coach house and ornamental gardens. It is now split into three different residential units.

The Grange 1 

Ravensden Grange 2019 (courtesy of Michael Graham)

During the Second World War the Grange was requisitioned by the War Office and was used as a residence for officers of the United States Air Force based at nearby Thurleigh, Milton Ernest and in Bedford. It is said that the bandleader Glenn Miller was a frequent visitor during his time in the town.

On the opposite side of the main road were some large steel military type sheds these were constructed as a work base and billets for a unit of American air force electrical engineers engaged in research and maintenance of wireless and radio signalling equipment. Two of these remain, painted black and in use as part of the farm property.