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Sources for Education in Little Barford

West elevation of the schoolroom in 1904 [SDLittleBarford3/1]
West elevation of the schoolroom in 1904 [SDLittleBarford3/1]

  • SDLittleBarford4/1: file of statements, examination schedules and reports: 1879-1905;
  • SDLittleBarford3/2: Copy agreement for Lease by Julius Alington of Little Barford, esq., to the Rector of Little Barford & others, of  the School at Little Barford: 1903;
  • SDLittleBarford3/1: Plan of existing schoolroom (for Infants) Albert E. Jennings, Surveyor: 1904;
  • EV86/1: plan, elevation and section by F. W. Smart: 1913-1914;
  • EV86/2: site plan by R. Kitching Ellison, surveyor: 1913-1914;
  • SDLittleBarford1/1: logbook: 1914-1932;
  • SDLittleBarford2/1: admission register: 1914-1932;
  • SMM2: school managers' minutes: 1914-1932;
  • E/IN1/1: inspector's reports: 1919-1930;
  • SDLittleBarford1/2: school logbook covering the period the school was reopened to deal with evacuated children from Walthamstow [Essex]: 1939-1945;
  • SDLittleBarford2/2: admission register: 1939-1944;
  • SDLittleBarford2/3-4: summary registers: 1939-1945;
  • SDLittleBarford2/5-11: attendance registers: 1940-1945.