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Wales Manor Wyboston

Volume III of The Victoria County History for Bedfordshire, published in 1912, gives a detailed history of the manors in Wyboston as far as it was then known. Wales appears to have been a spurious manor, in other words, it was so-styled without any legal foundation such as a grant. In 1618 John and Paul Luke conveyed it by fine to Henry Lyde. He died in 1641 owning four houses, three cottages and land in Wyboston, Eaton Socon and Roxton. He was succeeded by his son Henry.

By 1653 Wales Manor was held by Anthony Cogan and Anne Posthuma, his wife. She was still alive in 1696 when, with four other people, she settled the manor on Thomas Brooke. By 1702 it was held by Thomas Drake and Elizabeth, his wife, Henry Rogers and Alice, his wife, and Samuel Scott and Elizabeth, his wife. They then conveyed it to Allan Reynardson.

In 1728 the so-called manor was the property of John Godfrey and Mary, his wife - perhaps she was Reynardson's daughter. In 1769 Mary, then a widow, held the manor with William Theed and Elizabeth, his wife. The manor is last mentioned, still held by the Theed family, in 1796.

Interestingly Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service was contacted by Rosemary Simons in October 2012. She is working on Plea Rolls in the Court of Common Pleas and had found an entry for 1440 for a man named William Wale, gentleman, living in Wyboston. He owed £20 to John Brockle, draper and alderman of London. This gives a clear reason for the manor to be called Wales (or Wale's). There is no evidence that William Wale felt himself to be a lord of a manor, just a gentleman, though, of course, there is no evidence to the contrary either.