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A Medieval Drowning in Wyboston

Volume 41 produced by Bedfordshire Historical Records Society in 1961 is devoted to 13th and 14th century coroner's rolls for Bedfordshire from the National Archives, edited and translated by R. F. Hunnisett.

Entry 23 reads: "On 15th December 1267 Robert and Geoffrey sons of Henry and Richard son of John the Fisher, all of Wyboston, Isabel le Kemstere of Chawston and Thomas le Monner of Little Barford boarded a boat of the Abbot of Sawtry, loaded with corn and flour, in the river Ouse at Wyboston opposite Little Barford mill on the south side, and, by misadventure and the strength of the current the boat sank and they all fell into the water. Robert drowned by misadventure and the others barely escaped to land. Inquest before the same coroner [Simon Rufus, or, the Red] by Wyboston, Eaton Socon, Chawston and Colesden…Robert's sister Rose first found him, raised the hue, which was followed, and found pledges, William son of Ralph le Carun and Henry Mile of Wyboston. The following, who were in the boat, were also attached: Richard by John the Fisher and William Nortman of Wyboston; Isabel by William the Reeve and Ralph le Monner of Chawston; Thomas by Reynold Mariot and Simon son of Simon of Wyboston. Geoffrey did not come; it as therefore ordered that he be attached. The boat was appraised at five shillings and delivered to Wyboston. [Robert] was found on 25th January [1268]".