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The Plough Beerhouse Wyboston

former Plough Wyboston Mar 2007
The former Plough Beerhouse in March 2007

The Plough Beerhouse [also The Old Plough]: 68 The Lane, Wyboston

The first mention of this property is in a schedule of deeds in a conveyance of 1834 noting that it was conveyed by Gilbert Sibley to Thomas Boston in 1712. The Boston family kept possession of it until George and Thomas sold it to Luke Addington of Sunbury [Middlesex ] in 1834, at which point it is referred to as a cottage and blacksmith's shop. Luke Addington also purchased the Bell in Wyboston at some date and so the Plough may well have become a beerhouse at this point.

Addington devised both properties in his will of 1843, which was proved in 1847. The Plough went to his brother Thomas, with the proviso that it was to descend to his son Thomas on the father's death. Thomas Addington sold the Plough to Bedford brewer William Pritzler Newland in 1896 at which time he was partner in the brewing firm of Newland & Nash. This firm was taken over by Biggleswade brewers Wells & Winch in 1924 and they, in turn merged with Suffolk brewers Greene King in 1961, taking the Greene King name in 1963. At some point after 1940 the Plough closed as it is now a private house.

The Plough was valued in 1927 under the 1925 Rating Valuation Act, at which time the valuer recorded: a brick and tile construction with a tap room ("nice"), kitchen, living room, cellar and three bedrooms. Business was good at 18 gallons of beer per week along with 3lb of tobacco and two or three dozen bottles. The beerhouse also had 1.122 acres of arable land. 


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List of Licensees: note that this is not a complete list. Italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known:

1843-1871: John Nunn;
1876: Mrs.Nunn;
1876: Sarah Bodger;
1890-1934: Arthur Paine/Payne;
1934-1940: Charlotte Payne