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Willowhill Cottages Willington

Willowhill Cottages March 2010
Willowhill Cottages March 2010

Willowhill Farm is in Mogerhanger. Willowhill Cottages, however, built for agricultural labourers at the farm, lies just on the Willington side of the border and so are the first properties one comes to in Bedford Borough as one travels west on the A603

The buildings were built around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They are constructed of yellow gault brick. The terrace of four cottages has two storeys and a two storey addition has been built on the east gable end of the terrace.

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every piece of land and building in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value. Willington, like most of the county, was assessed in 1927 and the valuer visiting Willowhill Cottages [DV1/C154/118-121] found that the terrace of four was owned by F. Davison, J.P. who lived at Scarsdale in the parish and who owned Willowhill Farm which was run as F. Davison and Sons.

Leading west to east the first property was occupied by W. Darnell. Next door was W. Wightman, next door to him was S. Martin and on the eastern end was J. Harding. All four tenants paid three shillings per week in rent. Each house contained a living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms above. A brick and slate washhouse stood outside each property.