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Willington School in 1904

Willington School July 2007
Willington School July 2007

The Education Act 1902, which came into force in 1903, established Bedfordshire County Council as the Local Education Authority for the county. The new LEA set out to determine the condition of its school buildings and the County Surveyor made his report in 1904. The report for Willington School was exactly as set out below.

This is a brick and tiled building, of excellent construction, well lighted, lofty, airy, and well warmed.


These are ample, and well lighted.


These are of special and unusual construction, with good facilities for cleanliness.

Large Room 35 feet by 20 feet by 17 feet and a flat ceiling.

The windows have several ample openings.

Air is also admitted by apertures in the window boards and ceiling.

Class Room 16 feet 3 inches by 20 feet by 17 feet.

This room is similar. Both have open fireplaces.

Each of these rooms should be cleansed, whitened, and colourwashed another year.

Lobbies and Corridor

These will need some renovation another year.

They have York stone paved floors.


The Closets are pail flush pans, which are provided for by a jack pump between Urinal and sink. This is close to hand, there is therefore no excuse for neglect.

The range includes Barn, Coal House, Ash Pit etc.

Water Supply

The only water supply is that obtained from jack pump in offices, which is questionable as drinking water.

These premises are excellent in build, and upkeep.