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List of Willington Civilian Volunteers

Former County Archivist Joyce Godber came from Willington. She kept files relating to the parish in the Second World War and these form part of the County Council W collection [W/W]. The following is a list of people in the parish who volunteered for civilian service duting the war.

The following were all Air Raid Precations Wardens:

  • E. I. Dawson of 13 Station Road;
  • Joseph Bradshaw Godber of Elberry House (Conservative M. P. for Grantham 1951-1979, he was Secretary of State for War in 1963 immediately following the disgraced John Profumo; created Baron Godber of Willington in 1963 - brother of Joyce Godber);
  • G. Martin of 8 Willington;
  • H. E. Peers of 14 Station Road;
  • W. W. S. Robertson;
  • E. Spire of Woolston, Sandy Road (this name is struck through);
  • A. Stokes of Willington;
  • L. F. Weston of Sedes Mea, 34 Station Road (this name is struck through);
  • Charles Wooding of Croots Farm;
  • Fred Wooding.

The following served at First Aid Posts and in First Aid Parties

  • E. Bartram of 15 Bedford Road;
  • Mrs. D. Cooper of Desborough House;
  • Mrs. E. Cope of Stonecroft;
  • W. H. Golder of 3 Bedford Road;
  • T. J. Golder;
  • Mrs. A. E. Lilburn of Sandy Road (this name is struck through);
  • F. G. Martin of 12 Bedford Road;
  • Mrs. P. M. Pendall of 4 Bedford Road;
  • Mrs. F. Sharman of 55 Station Road;
  • D. Stokes of Station Road;
  • Mrs. C. Swannell of 12 Station Road;
  • Mrs. F. M. Wooding of Church Road.

C. E. Nicholls of Station Road worked in a Decontamination Party.