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Church Farm Stanbridge

Church Farm June 2008
Church Farm June 2008

In 1912 both Church Farm and Old Farm, with other land in Stanbridge, were sold by the trustees of the late Mrs.Littleboy, widow of Richard Littleboy [P57/28/3]. Church Farm formed Lot 1. It had 98 acres 23 perches of land as shown on the plan below (click on the image to see a larger image of the same). The tenant, John Griffin, paid £110 per annum rent.

Church Farm in 1912

The fields were as follows:

  • 16: Far Mill Field - 15 acres 6 perches of pasture;
  • 81: First Mill Field - 15 acres 2 roods 36 perches of pasture;
  • 82: Big Bury - 5 acres 27 perches of pasture;
  • 83: Little Bury - 1 acre 2 roods 12 perches of pasture;
  • 84: Orchard - 2 roods 21 perches;
  • 85: Farmhouse and buildings - 2 roods 26 perches;
  • 86: Rickyard - 3 roods 14 perches;
  • 220: Timms Piece - 3 roods 20 perches of pasture;
  • 53: Hows Way - 2 acres 3 roods 13 perches of pasture;
  • 34: Muggendon Far Field - 44 acres 20 perches of arable;
  • 34a: Billington Bottom - 10 acres 2 roods 28 perches of pasture

The farmhouse is described as: "standing back from the main road, with garden in front enclosed by palisade fence, and containing: - Entrance Hall, Two Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Dairy, Pantry and Cellar on Ground Floor; Front and Back Staircases and Six Bedrooms above. There are two large enclosed farm yards with brick and slated Mixing-house, Piggeries, timbered and tiled Cow-shed to stall 9 cows, Cow-hovel with 12 ties, Threshing Barn, two Loose Boxes, Open Shed with 9 ties, Mill House, large Barn with threshing floor, a brick and timbered and slated Barn and Drill Hovel, brick and slated Stable for five horses, Loose-box with loft over, Coach-house and two Cart Hovels". The particulars are annotated with the information that the farm was bought by George Pratt of Dunstable for £2,360.

 Church Farm and area in 1901
Church Farm and area in 1901

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 ordered every piece of land and building in the country to be assessed to determine the rates to be paid on it. Stanbridge was assessed in 1927 and the valuer visiting Church Farm [DV1/H28/32] noted that the owner was George Pratt and the occupier W.E.Costin, who paid £143/15/- rent per annum. The farm contained 98 acres and the valuer commented: "house and homestead very good, big enough for 300 acres"

The farm house ["rooms big, large house"], was noted as of brick and slate construction and comprising two reception rooms, a kitchen, dairy, washhouse and cooling place and coal place with six bedrooms on the first floor. The homestead comprised: a brick and slate three bay open cart shed, a trap house, two piggeries, a stable for six and a chaff place all with loft over; a brick, wood and slate barn; a brick, wood and tile lean-to implement shed; a brick, wood and tile corn barn; a brick, wood and corrugated iron granary; a brick and slate calf box and granary; a weather boarded and corrugated iron henhouse and a corrugated iron open shed. In the east yard were: a brick wood and tile large loose box; a cow house for eight; a loose box; a weather boarded and corrugated iron hovel; a brick, wood and corrugated iron corn barn; a brick and slate four bay open implement shed and a cow house for twelve beasts.

Kelly's Directories reveal the following farmers, the dates being simply the first and last dates they are mentioned in the directory:

  • 1903: John Griffin;
  • 1914: William Costin;
  • 1920-1940: William Ernest Costin

Church Farm December 2008
Church Farm December 2008