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List of Mogerhanger Vicars

Picture of Mogerhanger church from the east taken in November 2007
Mogerhanger church from the east November 2007

List of Vicars

The advowson of Mogerhanger was originally owned by Mrs. Dawkins who built both church and vicarage as a memorial to her husband, Rev. Edward Henry Dawkins, Lord of the Manor, who died in 1859. The advowson then passed with the Manor to Richard Mercer in 1888 and Mrs. V. Fane in 1909. When manors were abolished by successive Law of Property Acts in the 1920s the advowson passed to the Bishop of Saint Albans.

Since 1998 Mogerhanger has been part of the Ivel Group Ministry. This means that it shares a parson with Cople and Willington, the Vicarage being in Cople. Each church, however, retains its own Parochial Church Council, churchwardens and other officers as well as having its own services. The Vicars of Mogerhanger since the creation of the parish in 1860 have been:

  • Thomas Horace Cookes - 24th November 1860 [M.A., licensed to the parish curacy of the District Chapelry of Saint John. Resigned 14th October 1862]
  • Nathaniel Royds - 27th March 1863 [M.A., on resignation of last incumbent]
  • Charles James Lambarde - 17th October 1864 [M.A., licensed to parish curacy on cession of Royds. Patron Edward Henry Frederick Dawkins, Esq.]
  • John Sutton Hack - 1883
  • Edward Mayo - 1885
  • Marmaduke Alan Prickett - February 1901
  • William Foster Smith - October 1908
  • Sidney Alfred Pizey Kermode - July 1911
  • John Thomas Cook - 1915
  • T J L Davies - 1945
  • Harold Phoenix - 1947
  • Norman William Hill - 1974
  • Timothy Havelock Girling - 1980
  • Thomas Denis Desert - 1989
  • Nicholas T. MacNeill – 1998
  • Lynda Klimas – 2004