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The Manor of Flitwick Ruxox

Dunstable Priory
Arms of Dunstable Priory

Volume II of the Victoria County History for Bedfordshire was published in 1908. Ruxox Manor may have had its origin in the cell used by Dunstable Priory as a kind of mediaeval retirement home for former priors. The estate consisted of 56 acres when Dunstable Priory was dissolved in 1540. In 1558 the estate was granted by the Crown to the West family and termed Ruxox Manor.

Arms of the Dukes of Bedford

The last mention of the West family holding the manor is in 1586. In 1703 Elizabeth Scarborough held the manor, transferring it to Lord Bruce the following year. It was purchased from the Bruces by John, 4th Duke of Bedford in 1738. It seems likely that it was then merged into one of the other manors in the area held by the dukes.