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Flitwick Index of Pages


The Parish of Flitwick in General

Prehistory in Flitwick

Iron Age and Roman Flitwick

Ruxox Farm Roman Site, Flitwick

Roman Coins from Flitwick

Anglo-Saxon Flitwick

Medieval Flitwick

Flitwick in 1086

The Manor of Flitwick

The Second Manor of Flitwick

The Manor of Flitwick Priestley

The Manor of Flitwick Ruxox

Later Flitwick

Murder in Flitwick Wood

The Chalybeate Springs, Flitwick

Flitwick Maps


Ruxox Chapel

Flitwick Church Architecture

Flitwick Church Alterations and Additions

List of Flitwick Vicars

Flitwick Vicarages

Saint Andrew's Mission Church, Flitwick


Flitwick Registration and Early References

Baptists in Flitwick

Congregationalism in Flitwick

Methodism in Flitwick

Roman Catholicism in Flitwick


Early Education in Flitwick

Flitwick Lower School

Flitwick School

Flitwick School in 1904

Sources for Flitwick Lower School

Kingsmoor Lower School

Kingsmoor Lower School, Flitwick

Sources for Kingsmoor Lower School, Flitwick

Templefield Lower School

Templefield Lower School, Flitwick

Sources for Templefield Lower School, Flitwick

Woodlands Middle School

Woodlands Middle School, Flitwick

Sources for Woodland Middle School, Flitwick

Interesting Buildings

Flitwick Station

Priestley Farm, Flitwick

Chapel Road

3 Chapel Road, Flitwick

Church Road

The Gables - 1 Church Road, Flitwick

Home Farm - 2 Church Road, Flitwick

Old Farm, Flitwick

17 Church Road, Flitwick

Flitwick Manor

Dunstable Road

58 Dunstable Road, Flitwick

Gravel Pit Road

2 Gravel Pit Road, Flitwick

Greenfield Road

Flitwick Mill

High Street

23 High Street, Flitwick

42 High Street, Flitwick

44 High Street, Flitwick

46 and 48 High Street, Flitwick

52 High Street, Flitwick

King's Road

Station Garage, Flitwick

Station Road

19 Station Road, Flitwick

117 Station Road, Flitwick

119 Station Road, Flitwick

Station Square

1 Station Square, Flitwick

2 Station Square, Flitwick

3 and 4a Station Square, Flitwick

4 to 6 Station Square, Flitwick

Windmill Road

Flitwick Windmill

37 Windmill Road, Flitwick

Licensed Premises

The Blackbirds Public House, Flitwick

The Buck and Dog Public House, Flitwick

The Bumble Bee Public House, Flitwick

The Crown Public House, Flitwick

The Fir Tree Public House, Flitwick

The Sportsman Beerhouse, Flitwick

The Swan Inn, Flitwick

Highwaymen at the Swan Inn, Flitwick

The Swan Public House, Flitwick

The Wheatsheaf Public House, Flitwick

The White Horse Public House, Flitwick