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List of Caldecote Vicars

Upper Caldecote church Apr 2007
Upper Caldecote church April 2007

The advowson of the church of Lower Caldecote has always been in the same hands as Northill, in other words The Grocers' Company since the church became the seat of a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1928.

Since 1981 Caldecote has been held in plurality with Old Warden and, since 2000 the Rector of Northill has also been the Vicar of Lower Caldecote and the Vicar of Old Warden. The current patron of Northill [2010] is still the Grocer's Company but as there are now three separate churches in the benefice the Company takes the first and third turns in nominating an incumbent and the patron of Old Warden, the R. O. Shuttleworth Trust takes the second turn. Each church retains its own parochial church council and parish officers as well as its own services.

The list of vicars is as follows:

  • Basil Evan Jones: 1928;
  • Reginald Joseph Kaye: 1937 - resigned 1942;
  • Charles Edward Standen: 1945;
  • Leslie Stuart Tull: 1954;
  • John Robert de Chazal: 1964;
  • Alan Ernest Newport Bliss: 1978;
  • Frank Coleman: 2000.