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Caldecote School in 1904

Elevations of the national school [AD3865/31/3]
Elevations of the national school [AD3865/31/3]

The Education Act 1902, which came into force in 1903, established Bedfordshire County Council as the Local Education Authority for the county. The new LEA set out to determine the condition of its school buildings and the CountySurveyor made his report in 1904. The report for UpperCaldecoteSchool was exactly as set out below.

This is an elaborate brick building, with stone dressings and tiled roof. The latter has a number of ventilating louvers and terminals.

Main Room 40 feet by 17 feet 3 inches by 11 feet 6 inches to 17 feet.

Lighting by six windows is good.

Ventilation by seven opening window lights, two ceiling openings and louvers in gable.

Heating by a Tortoise Stove.

Class Room for Infants 26 feet 6 inches by 14 feet 3 inches by 11 feet 6 inches to 14 feet 6 inches.

Lighting by four windows.

Ventilation by six windows lights, also a special louver vent in slope of roof.

Heating by an open grate.

These rooms are liberally provided with louvred roof vents.

Cloak Room

This is a useful size, and fairly light.


These are a long way from the School buildings, being at the rear of the yard; they are common privies and a Urinal, discharging into a pit. As usual, they are more or less offensive.

A Barn for Coals is in the centre of this range.


These are in fair order, but need repairing in places.

These Premises are in very good repair, having been recently repaired, painted and renovated.

Master's House 

This is a very fair size, containing three ground floor rooms, and three Bedrooms over, sizes: - 

12 feet by 14 feet.
12 feet by 12 feet.
12 feet by 9 feet.

Also Stairway and Pantry.

The House is light and cheerful.

A Coal Barn is provided.


This is too near the House, and should be converted into an Earth Closet.

Water Supply

This is by pump near House Well in Garden.