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Northill School in 1904

Elevation of the national school [AD3865/32/3]
Elevation of the national school [AD3865/32/3]

The Education Act 1902, which came into force in 1903, established Bedfordshire County Council as the Local Education Authority for the county. The new LEA set out to determine the condition of its school buildings and the County Surveyor made his report in 1904. The report for Northill School was exactly as set out below.

This is a substantially brick built and tiled building, with stone dressings. The inside walling is executed in party-coloured face bricks, and string course in Scripture quotations. The internal cleansing, and ordinary repairs, have been done during the late holidays. It is now in fair order.

Large Room 45 feet by 20 feet by 13 feet 6 inches to 20 feet 6 inches at Cat Beam.

This is lofty, airy, and well lighted by five side, one Dormer and one Gable light. Portions are made to open in each.

It is warmed by an open fire.

Class Room 31 feet 3 inches by 15 feet 2 inches by 13 feet 7 inches to 17 feet 7 inches at Cat Beam.

This is well lighted by four windows. Seven Transom lights open. It is similarly warmed by an open fire.

These rooms should have 11 Tobin fresh air inlets, and 2 exhaust air pumps to clear the vitiated air.

Two Outer Lobbies, and One Roomy Cloak Room at the West end.

A lavatory basin is provided in the back lobby. The water supply tank is useless. A large water pot should suffice for the occasional use these are put to.

Book Store under BellTower

This is a useful place fitted with shelving.

Offices (At the rear).

These are cleanly and airy. They are trapped pans flushed by pail. The appearance indicates the exercise of cleanly habits. There is no offensive smell to these or urinals.

Small Copper House and Barn.

These abut on to the school, and need repairs.


The Mistress's House has three rooms on the ground floor, with entrances and Staircase, also landing and three bedrooms. It has also a block of offices in the North-East corner of the garden.

The rooms measure as follows: -

Parlour 14 feet 5 inches by 13 feet 2 inches by 8 feet 5 inches.
Kitchen 13 feet 6 inches by 11 feet 3 inches by 8 feet 5 inches.
Scullery 10 feet by 7 feet 2 inches by 8 feet 5 inches.
Hall and Staircase 10 feet by 5 feet 9 inches by 8 feet 5 inches. 

Rooms over are same size, and 8 feet high.

This place is well built. It is generally in fair order, well lighted and equipped.

Water Supply

A pump for soft water over sink is provided.