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List of Northill Names in 1637

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service has a valuable document for genealogists trying to trace ancestors in Northill. This is P10/4/1 in the Northill parish archive. It is a list of inhabitants from whom money was to be levied for a new set of church bells in 1637. The text states: "A Ten Fould Levy agreed uppon & made the fifteenth of Maie An[o]o Domi[ini] 1637 By the inhabitants of Norrell for the makinge a newe frame for the Bells & Castinge them, & other repayers to be done towarde the Church and Steeple". 

The list of inhabitants of Northill village is as follows:

Mrs An Morgan widd It[em] a close at Budno
Mr Wilmor
Mr Osborne
William Atterton
Richard Lawrance
for Mr Henns part
Willia[m] Harrodon
Oliver Beamont
Willia[m] Crowlye
Mihill Taylor
Henry Emont
Mr Ellis
Thomas Browne
Henry Clarke
Richard Cooper
Robert Keepe
It[em] for 8 acres
Marke Huckle
Mr Barnadiston for South Stockins meadow & part of Hye Lanes
Mr Henry Fishe for p[ar]t of North Stockins
Francis Cockin for the other p[ar]t thereof
Richard Geve for Longe Close
Richard Geve for Cookes Close
Lewis Mordant Esq[ui]re for p[ar]t of Traly Field
Lewis Titchmersh for the other part