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Billington School in 1904

Billington National School in 1862 [AD3865/6/4]
Billington National School in 1862 [AD3865/6/4]

When Bedfordshire County Council became Local Education Authority in 1903, under the Education Act 1902 it sent a surveyor to look at each of the schools in its jurisdiction. In 1904 the County Surveyor reported on each school to the council and his report on Billington was as follows:

"This is a brick building with tiled roof".

"The rooms are as follows:"

"Main Room: 36 feet by 18 feet by 12 feet and open roof 12 feet to ridge"

"This is well lighted. Four portions of windows open".

"Ventilation is poor when windows are closed".

"Class Room - 16 feet by 12 feet by 11 feet high to flat ceiling".

"This room is newer, but although fairly lighted, needs more ventilation".

"Nine Tobin Tubes and two Exhaust Ventilators should be provided".

"These rooms are in fair order".

"The Stepway to Lobby is poor and needs repairs to brickwork, also cleaning and colouring".

"The Roof near Bell Rope way needs repairing".

"The Exterior of these premises needs repairs and pointing to walls and roof and twice painting. Spouting, down pipes and drains need making good".

"The Back Lobby, being a very temporary enclosure of wood and corrugated iron is very poor, unfinished, and dirty. This should be properly finished and enclosed".

"Offices. The cesspools to privies have been filled in, and seats prepared for pails. Earth should be provided for these".

"The Urinal and drainage is poor. The Ash pit is much too large, and needs a new cover if retained, a Sanitary Bin would be better, and the pit abandoned".

"A Dry Earth Barn is necessary for the proper working of the Pail Closets".

"Water Supply. A good Water Supply is provided from Well by Pump in yard common to School and House".


"This has two rooms downstairs and three up. They are all very small, and, with Stairway and Landing, are in bad repair. All need thorough renewal".

"A Scullery in the Outbuildings is provided. This is very poor, and in bad condition internally and externally".

"A Coal Barn and a Pail Closet are provided, the latter should be supplied with dry earth".

The Primitive Methodist Chapel with the school behind about 1900 [Z49/1015]
The Primitive Methodist Chapel with the school behind about 1900 [Z49/1015]