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Medieval Murder in Salford

Volume XLI of the Bedfordshire Historical Records Society series is of medieval coroner's rolls for the county, translated by R.F.Hunnisett, entry 98 reads: "On 17th March 1272 William Brien son of John Aylmar of Salford and his wife Denise were in their house at Salford and at twilight they went to bed. Immediately in the night two thieves came to the door and entered. Denise saw that they were thieves and warned her husband, who immediately got out of bed. One of the thieves took the willow rod with which the door was shut and struck William on the head so that he fell. They then tied Denise up and carried away the goods of the house. Later Denise untied herself and raised the hue. The neighbours came and found William lying in the house almost dead with his head broken. He lay speechless and soon died…"

The thieves were unknown and not caught. Because no Englishry was presented a murdrum fine was imposed on the whole Hundred.