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Salford Maps

The following maps are only a selection of those held at Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. To see larger images of the maps, please click on the appropriate thumbnail

X74-2 1595 map

The image above shows part of a map of Salford Manor of 1596 (original in the possession of All Souls' College, Oxford) showing the village [X1/74/2]



The field names on the two maps immediately above were taken from Inclosure and Tithe Apportionment Maps, were annotated on Ordnance Survey 6 inch to the mile 2nd edition maps of 1902 by the first County Archivist George Herbert Fowler [MC1/3/3/9-10].

Salford OS 1883

Salford shown on a 1st edition 25 inches to the mile Ordnance Survey of 1883.

Salford Ford in 1901

Salford shown on a 2nd edition 25 inches to the mile Ordnance Survey of 1901.