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List of Marston Moreteyne Rectors


Volume III of the Victoria County History for Bedfordshire was published in 1912. It states that the advowson (the right to nominate the rector) was held along with the Manor of Marston from the time of Walter and Robert de Wotton until 1682, passing through the hands of the Morteyn, Reynes, Decons and Snagge families. In 1682 it was held by John Rotherham, the husband of Agnes, daughter of Thomas Snagge, but by 1708 it was again with the Snagges who held it until it was acquired by George Stead, a goldsmith, in 1746. By 1795 it was held by St John’s College, Cambridge; it stayed in the hands of the College until the 20th century. 

There is one known mention of an advoswon for Wroxhill Church. In 1286-7 John Hermer, who at that time held the manor of Wroxhill jointly with Bernard de Willey, held ‘the advowson of the church of Wroxhill’. 


Tower and Church from the North-West c.1910 [P41/2/1/7g] 

List of Rectors of Marston Moreteyne 

  • Gilbert de Wyvill, [subdeacon. Patron Ralph, brother of John of Merston], 1233; 

  • William de Morteyn; 

  • M. Walter de Wootton [subdeacon. Patron Robert de Wootton and Constancia his wife, on death of Wiliam de Morteyn, saving the right of Richard de Argentin, Knight to the Chapel of Wroxhille, and of M. Gilles de Filliol presented to said Chapel], 1280; 

  • John de Hardemeade [capellanus. Patron Archdeacon of Huntingdon in right of the lands of the late Sir John de Morteyn, Knight, on resignation of M. Walter], 9 Feb 1298; 

  • Geoffrey de Wolston [capellanus. Patron Sir John de Morteyn, Knight, on death of John], 6 Apr 1312; 

  • Edmund de Morteyn [acolite, on death of Geoffrey de Wolston], 25 Sep 1324; 

  • M. Edward Morteyn [on resignation of M. Edmund Morteyn], 1 Jan 1331; 

  • William le Mareshall [on resignation of M Edward de Morteyn. Patron John de Morteyn], 1 May 1349; 

  • John Stubbes [clerk, B.C.L., on death of D. William Mareshall who died Thursday after the Feast of Saint Valentine, martyr, 1372. Patron Sir Thomas de Reynes, Knight, Thomas, Rector of Stoke Goldyngton, Richard Maydewell, Rector of Clyfton, and Nicholas Syward, Rector of Stathern, John Lovel, priest, parson of Purlok, and Sir John Dageny, Knight, Sir Almaric de Saint Amando, Knight, presented William Stoke, acolite. Long proceedings in the Kings Court, result of which appears to be that Sir Almerics presentment was upheld], 1 Jul 1373; 

  • D. William Stokes; 

  • Balle, Roger [priest, on death of D,. William Stokes. Patron Lady Elizabeth of Morteyn], 14 Sep 1393; 

  • Richard Renhale [priest, on resignation of Roger Balle, exchanged to Barton Rectory], 20 Apr 1394; 

  • John Wycombe [clerk, vacancy. Patron King Richard who had recovered adv. as against Elizabeth Morteyn and Roger Balle, capellanus], 13 Jun 1396; 

  • D. Thomas de Kerdyngton [Rector of Cruckern in the Diocese of Bath & Wells, by exchange with John Wycombe], 15 Apr 1404; 

  • D. Walter Pappele [capellanus, on death of D. Thomas atte Hall. Patron Elizabeth Morteyn, Lady of Marston], 26 Jul 1419; 

  • Henry Sylveston [clerk, on death of Walter Peppele], 3 Nov 1420; 

  • M. Robert Charleton [priest, on death of Henry Syveston. Patron Sir Thomas Leyknore, Knight, Henry Frowell of London, Thomas Charleton, Henry Frowyl , Thomas Reynes], 3 May 1449; 

  • M. John Derby [L.L.D. on death of Robert Charleton. Patron Thomas Reynes, Esq.], 26 Sep 1451; 

  • M. John Gyrton [priest, on resignation of M.John Derby, exchanged to Watton Rectory], 13 Jan 1470; 

  • M. Thomas Reynes; 

  • D. William Mareschall [priest, on death of M. Thomas Reynes. Patron Thomas Docwray, Priory of St John of Jerusalem in England, guardian of Thomas Decons, son and heir of Richard Decons, Esq, and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, and of the manor and advowson of Marston Moretayne during the minority of the said Thomas Docwray, by grant from Richard, Earl of Kent.], 8 Jan 1524; 

  • Richard Beckett, 1539; 

  • William Marshall, 1543; 

  • George Parker, 2 Apr 1558; 

  • Silvester Taverner, 20 Mar 1561; 

  • Edward Snagg, 1 Feb 1563; 

  • Richard Sawyer [M.A.], 19 Jun 1594; 

  • Thomas Smith, 31 Jul 1598; 

  • Timothy Gates [M.A., presentment void by lapse], Aug 1609;  

  • Thomas Cookson [D.D., sequestered in 1647], 5 May 1619;  

  • Thomas Cookson [M.A.], 15 May 1622; 

  • John Howe [intruded]; 

  • John Alleyn, 1636; 

  • Phillip Caton [clerk, A.M.. Patron Thomas Snagg, Esq.], 8 Jan 1661; 

  • George Snagg [M.A., on death of Philip Caton], 5 Mar 1682; 

  • Thomas Roe [on death of George Snagg. Patron George Wateson of Ampthill, clerk, and John Sambee, Vicar of Bierton, Buckinghamshire], 23 Aug 1699; 

  • Charles Champernowne [M.A.], 11 Jan 1703; 

  • Moses Gouquet St Eloy [A.B., on death of Charles Champernowne. Patron Isaac Gouquet St Eloy, of Sunbury, Middlesex, Esq. Value 33 17s 3d. Licence of above granted 13 Dec 1722], 14 Feb 1711; 

  • Christopher Hatton [on death of M. St Eloy. Patron George Stead, citizen and goldsmith of London], 21 Aug 1746; 

  • William White [licenced Curate, surplice fees 42], 11 Mar 1792; 

  • James Wood [D.D., on death of Christopher Hatton. Patron St John's College], 15 Apr 1795; 

  • Thomas Holden Gawthrop [B.A., on death of James Wood. Patron St John's College, Cambridge], 11 Apr 1814; 

  • Thomas Tylecote [B.D., on death of T H Gawthrop], 1 Mar 1837; 

  • Alfred Freer Sorry, 1886; 

  • Henry Josiah Sharpe, May 1906; 

  • A R Johnson, Aug 1917; 

  • Arthur Ralph Ingram, Jan 1936; 

  • S N Rostron, Aug 1944; 

  • John Martyn Preston, Sep 1948; 

  • Reginald Henry Goode, Mar 1951; 

  • Robert G Rickells, 1960; 

  • Peter Lane Campling Richards, 1964; 

  • John Greenway, 1976; 

  • Richard L Howlett, 1998.