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Mount Zion Baptist Chapel

This page was written by Sally Williams

Note: this account of the Second (later Mount Zion) Baptist Church is taken from the booklet Cranfield Baptist Church 1660-1960 by HG Tibbutt. 

Mount Zion Chapel Z1130-34-25

Mount Zion Chapel, High Street, Cranfield, c.1905  [Z1130/34/25]

The church was formed on 1 June 1849 when John Haig, the Baptist Minister at Stevington and Thomas Gate Minister at Keysoe Brook End took the services. The congregation initially came from members of the East End Baptist Church. Families that were dominant in the new church included the Goodman family (4 members), the Ford family (3 members) and 2 each of the Savage, Watson and Lovell families. However, a number of the original members eventually withdrew and returned to the East End church.

In 1855, records show that there were 27 members with 40 Sunday School scholars. In 1879 there were 16 members and 35 Sunday School scholars with six Sunday School teachers. 

Mount Zion Burial Ground (SW)

Mount Zion Burial Ground, Merchant Lane. Photograph by Sally Williams

In 1867, land was bought from Frank Richardson, the baker, for a burial ground in Whalley (now Merchant) Lane off the High Street. The last recorded pastor is a Mr White in 1891.

The church ceased to exist by the early years of the twentieth century and the church building is now a dwelling. The burial ground in Merchant Lane remains and is in the care of the parish council. There are 11 memorial stones dated between 1868 and 1938. 

Mount Zion Plaque (SW)

            Plaque at Mount Zion Burial Ground. Photograph by Sally Williams

The clearest gravestone commemorates William Fountain and his wife Mary who died in 1930 and 1920 respectively 

Mount Zion Gravestone (SW)

Gravestone from Burial Bround, Merchant Lane. Photographs Sally Williams