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The Medieval Route Through Carlton and Chellington


This page was written by Pamela Hider

Chillington Fox on map Jeffreys 1765
The route can clearly be seen on Jeffery's map 1765, to see a larger version please click on the image.

There exists the remains of a medieval track connecting Harrold Bridge to Pavenham via Chellington deserted medieval village, vestiges of which are seen as a hollow way, tracks and enclosure field boundaries. The route roughly follows the hedgerow leading from the Carlton-Harrold Road by the bridge, eastwards up to Chellington Church and through the deserted medieval village, disappearing beneath Hill Farm, then  re-emerging in a south easterly direction. It then leads on towards Freer's (formerly Friar's) Wood via a hollow way and on past the former Chellington Fox inn site, now fields, and into Monk's Wood close to Pavenham. Upon leaving the wood, it meets the current Pavenham Road/High Street where it is still visible as a track, now gated.

Medieval field woks and house platforms at Chellington

Medieval field works and house platforms at Chellington (courtesy of Carlton and Chellington Historical Society

The influence of the track on field boundaries suggests it retained some importance at the time of enclosure. It may also be significant that the route passes almost exactly through the highest point of Carlton and Chellington Parish (91 metres).It appears from 18th century mapping to be part of the main road from Wellingborough [Northamptonshire] to Bedford and furthermore it is thought that troops going to the battle of Naseby in June 1645 would have travelled its length.

References. HER no. MBB21831,  Jeffery's map of 1765.