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List of Chellington Rectors

Chellington church from the east March 2009
Chellington church from the east March 2009


Volume III of The Victoria County History for Bedfordshire was published in 1912. It noted that the first mention of the advowson of Chellington church is in 1279 when it formed part of the manor. It remained a hereditament of the Manor of Chellington until 1769 when the two parishes of Carlton and Chellington were united and the advowsons consolidated.

The font August 2012
The font August 2012

List of Rectors

  • Walter de Duniagton, clerk, living vacant: 1218;
  • John de Winterborne, clerk, living vacant by the appointment of Walter, last Rector, to Trapston [Thrapston, Northamptonshire?]: 1219;
  • William de Fuglestow, subdeacon; 22 September 1238;
  • Hugh de Gyuilden, subdeacon, on the death of William: 8 June 1274;
  • Hugh de Giuelden, subdeacon, living declared vacant because the said Hugh did not procure himself to be ordained priest within a year from the time of bring admitted to his charge after the last Council of Leyden: 24 November 1284;
  • Nicholas de Gyvelden, chaplain, on the death of Hugh: 16 March 1314;
  • William de Bodenho', chaplain, on the death of Nicholas de Geuelden: 8 April 1329;
  • Nicholas Clerk of Salford, priest, on the institution of William de Bodenho to become Rector of Coldeneuton [Cold Newton, Leicestershire?]: 7 April 1338;
  • Nicholas atte Water;
  • John de Donyngton, clerk; on the death of Nicholas atte Water: 7 March 1364;
  • John Bordeles;
  • John Smalfelowe, priest, on the resignation of John Bordeles: 13 December 1375;
  • Geoffrey Dyve, priest, on the resignation of John Letelfelowe who exchanged to become Rector of Suleby [Sulby Hall, Northamptonshire?]: 7 September 1383;
  • John Hyne, priest, on the death of Geoffrey Dyve: 20 June 1397;
  • Richard Hyne, priest; on the resignation of John Hyne: 8 January 1422;
  • Robert Cole, priest, living vacant: 28 July 1447;
  • John Chapman, priest, on the death of Robert Cole: 10 June 1461;
  • Brother John Wynges, priest, member of the Order of the Carmelite Friars, held the living by dispensation from the Apostolic See: 12 July 1461;
  • Brother John Wynes, priest, living vacant: 29 June 1463;
  • William Smyth, priest, on the resignation of Brother John Wynys: 16 October 1468;
  • Giles Kyng, chaplain, on the death of William Smyth: 25 May 1509;
  • Brian Wright, priest, on the death of Giles Kyng: 26 February 1528;
  • Robert Alyn, chaplain, on the resignation of Brian Wright: 24 July 1529;
  • Richard Hall, clerk, on the death of Robert Alen: 22 October 1529;
  • William Bachus, chaplain, on the resignation of Richard Hall: 8 November 1531, made rector in 1534;
  • Richard Rainforde, clerk, living vacant by the death of the last rector: 20 February 1561;
  • Thomas Hamerton, clerk, on the death of the last rector: 11 December 1562;
  • Thomas Clerke, clerk, living vacant: 1567;
  • Thomas Welles, clerk: 5 February 1573;
  • Robert Gifford, clerk, he was sequestered in 1644 and there is a  petition dated 16 June 1644 from his wife Ann to the Committee for Safety of the County of Bedford - "If they do not think him fit to continue minister yet she prays them to give his liberty and allow a portion out of the parsonage for them and their children”: 8 August 1642;
  • Thomas Caderton, clerk, he was buried on 28 July 1683: 7 June 1646;
  • Joseph Chadderton MA, on the death of Thomas Chaderton, he was instituted again on 4 February 1685: 6 August 1683;
  • Robert Richards MA, on the death of Joseph Chaderton: 2 August 1720;
  • Samuel Rogers BA, on the death of Robert Richards, he was born at Carlton, educated at Oakham School, 1745-1752 and Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he resigned 1768 for Brampton Ash [Northamptonshire] and was instituted 3 May 1777 to Husbands Bosworth [Leicestershire]; he published two volumes of poetry, printed at Bath in 1782 with his portrait; he married Catherine Peers and died in Salisbury Close, July 1790: 29 March 1758;
  • William Hooper MA. on cession of Samuel Rogers; Elizabeth, his only child, died 18 August 1811 aged 46; Samuel Hooper Adams, her eldest son, attorney at law, died aged 25; Elizabeth, wife of William Hooper died February 1807 aged 64; Jane, his second wife, died 20 April 1840, aged 76: 4 May 1769;

Union with Carlton in 1769

  • Henry John Ellman BCL, on death of William Hooper, Ellman died 3 February 1862: 20 February 1829;
  • William Sweet Escott SCL, MA, former fellow of New College, Oxford, on the death of Henry John Ellman: 13 May 1862;
  • William Henry Denison: 1876;
  • Walter Wolfenden Kenny: 1909;
  • Herbert Bouchier Wiggins Denison: January 1914;
  • Henry Edward Dodd: October 1923;
  • Edwin Mighell Cox: April 1930;
  • Albert Victor Ledbury: June 1931;
  • Thomas Hooton Michael Dix - 1959;
  • Peter Eugene Blagdon-Gamlen: 1964;
  • Ronald Gavin Henderson Cooper: 1968;
  • Charles Alfred Billington: 1972;
  • David Richard Thurburn-Huelin: 1981;
  • Jonathan P Smith: 1988;
  • Geoff Gillard: 1997; 
  • Jean Burrows: 1999;
  • Jane Fox: 2008-2015;
  • Jacqueline Curtis and Peter Turnbull: 2016

The chancel east window August 2012
The chancel east window August 2012


Volume 81 published by the Bedfordshire Historical Records Society (2002) is devoted to returns made during episcopal visitations to the county by the Bishop of Lincoln in the early 18th century, edited by former County Archivist Patricia Bell. It throws some interesting light on the state of the church in the parish. The returns for Chellington are as follows:

  • 1712: “The Rector resides in his Parsonage House. None unbaptized in either parish [i.e. Carlton]. Many not confirmed. Divine Service twice every Lord’s day at the two Churches, and once every Holyday. The churches are near enough for both parishes to resort to them … Communion 3 times of the year in each Church. In Carleton about 20 communicants, in Chellington about 12”.
  • 1717: “I take care of my parish my self. Many not Confirmed. Public Service is constantly performed every Lord’s Day once at Chellington and once at Carlton. The Sacrament is administered three times a year. The Number of Communicants generally and at Easter Last about Eight”.
  • 1720: “I reside in my Parsonage House in Carlton, which lyes almost equally distant between the two Parish churches of Carlton and Chellington, as much the greatest part of both Parishes does. … I read the Publick Service once in the Parish chuch of Chellington every Lord’s day as has for many years past been usual: and the reason why I do not read the publick service twice every Lord’s day is, because I officiate once every Lord’s day at my own Parish Church of Carlton. Sacremant Thrice my Lord, viz. at Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide”.

The piscina in the south wall of the chancel August 2012
The piscina in the south wall of the chancel August 2012

Ecclesiastical Census

On Sunday 30th March 1851 a census of all churches, chapels and preaching-houses of every denomination was undertaken in England and Wales. The local results were published by Bedfordshire Historical Records Society in 1975 as Volume 54, edited by D.W.Bushby. No return for Chellington church was made.

The south door August 2012
The south door August 2012