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Chellington Manor

Victoria County History of Bedfordshire (vol.3) tells us that there was "no mention of Chellington Manor by name in the Domesday Survey",  but that it  "had been held by Turbert, a man of King Edward"  (Edward the Confessor, 1003-1066).  From 1066, the manor, which contained 4 hides (480 acres), was held by Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances (in the Normandy region of NW France) a trusted friend of William the Conqueror. It was "held in a personal not an official capacity".  His tenant was  "Geoffrey de 'Trailly,' who probably derived his name from Trelly, a few miles south of Coutances, and with whom originated the Bedfordshire family and barony of Trailly".  Geoffrey also held a large manor of 10 hides at Yielden.

 It is not until 1257, on the death of John de Trailly, that mention has been found of Chellington Manor by name, but from that time onward the manor passed in an unbroken line from father to son until the 15th century.

 In 1359-60, John Trailly had acquired the more important manor of Carlton and from this date until 1710, Chellington followed the same descent (and also the advowson of both churches came to be vested in one family).

 The de Trailly coat of arms

The de Trailly coat of arms