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Reproduction Rights

Reproduction rights and copyright

In compliance with current UK copyright legislation an archive is permitted to provide copies of items provided that they are for private study/research, will only be used for study purposes and the material will not be distributed or copied. A declaration confirming this must be completed by the person making the request before copies can be supplied.

Where substantial quotation from or images of material held by Bedfordshire Archives is required for use beyond the use described above, i.e. for publication, the service charges reproduction fees. These fees are a contribution towards the costs incurred by the service in collecting, preserving and making discoverable through cataloguing the material for which publication is planned. We are a non-profit making organisation and our charges contribute to the continued running of the service.

Our reproduction fees are separate to any outstanding or expired copyright and will be applicable in the following circumstances regardless of whether the purpose is for commercial or non-commercial use (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Publication in books (including academic books), ebooks, journals, magazines, leaftets or newsletters.
  • Commercial or an individual’s own website or blog.
  • Talks, presentations, lectures or television use.
  • Display or exhibition in a public space (including shops, public bars, museums and galleries).
  • Reports that are to be made publicly available (reports classed as grey literature are not subject to reproduction fees).

Fees for Reproduction Rights

All our reproduction charges include VAT and are charged per image as follows:

  • World rights (all media including websites) = £150.55
  • Print media only more than 1000 copies = £125.45
  • Print media only 500-1000 copies = £75.25
  • Print media only 100-499 copies or exhibition lasting more than 1 month = £37.60
  • Print media only 1-99 copies or exhibition lasting <1 month = £12.50

Notes on Reproduction Rights and Credits

Reproduction fees do not include charges for the supply of images by the Archive Service. 

The Archives Service may at its discretion request a complimentary copy of the published work or other in kind payment as part or full payment of the reproduction fee. 

Credit lines: the form of acknowledgement should be “Bedfordshire Archives” which should appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section devoted to acknowledgements. 

Items from some collections may require additional permissions / fees / acknowledgement to the owner of the item. 

While some items in our archive are no longer subject to copyright, and therefore only the reproduction fees/document supply fees need to be paid, many still are under copyright. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting to use the item to investigate whether copyright stills exists, and if so, who the holder is and to obtain permission to publish from them. 

Permission is granted for one specified purpose or edition only. The archives service must be contacted and the fee re-negotiated if any further use is contemplated (including reprints or subsequent editions).

Print media only includes electronic circulation to a closed members list provided steps are taken to ensure no further distribution. Use in presentations such as Powerpoint talks is charged as exhibition of less than one month.

Formal groups that are paid up members of the Bedfordshire Local History Association (BLHA) are eligible to negotiate an annual fee to cover their proposed use of material from the archives. This is in recognition of the in kind benefits that the archives service receives from the network provided by BLHA members.

For further details about information available for re-use under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 and our charging policy, please see our Public Task Statement.