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Fees, Charges and Reproduction

Applicable from 1st January 2024

For information about our current scale of charges and our policies on reproduction and copyright, please follow the relevant links below:

  • How to pay (including instructions for making payment online)

How our charges are set 

  • Our charges are set annually by Bedford Borough Council as part of the setting of fees and charges across all borough services.
  • The Borough Council fees and charges change on the 1st January each year.
  • Our charges are intended to offer value for money, while taking into account staff time and expertise and overheads. 
  • Many of the documents in our care are fragile or of non-standard format and require considerable care during copying. Our charges are weighted with this in mind. 
  • The income raised is important to us and does make a real contribution to funding the service. 
  • Our charges include VAT.