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Charges for Photography

a) Digital Images 

We are able to produce both high and lower resolution digital images. The way we can supply digital images will depend on the number and size of the images required and where you live. When contacting us for a quote please tell us: what you need copied, how you intend to use the image, the quality of image you require and your country of residence.

Please complete our quote for copies form.

We are unable to offer photo quality printing. 

  • Charge per 15 minutes of image capture = £10.45 (£41.80 per hour) 

  • Minimum charge = £10.45

(b) Use of Own Camera

Charges for using your own camera in the searchroom 

  • £1.00 per document retrieved from the stackroom (irrespective of the number of images taken). Capped at a maximum of £26.00 per day.  

  • £0.45 per searchroom item photographed e.g. books, research notes, microform. Please not that under copyright legislation no more than 10% of a book can be copied.

  • Please read our policy on photography

(c)  Studio Photography 

This is occasionally necessary when digital photography is not possible. Each job is subject to individual quotation. 

(d)  Off-Site Photograph

Archive staff to accompany material off-site for photography 

  •   £41.80 per hour, plus travelling expenses 

(e)  Picture and Caption Research 

  •   £41.80 per hour (our standard research rate)