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Charges for Photocopying

(a)  By post 

Minimum charge for copies to be sent by post = £10.45.

Please tell us your postal address when asking us for a quotation as additional post & packing charges may apply.

Please complete our quote for copies form.

(Completion target: 2 days). We recommend that you combine requests for copies if you can, as single copies will still cost £10.45 if ordered separately. 

(b) On Site 

Charge per copy (A4 or A3, or electronic equivalent) where no research is involved identifying the material to be copied: 

  • Black and white copies = £1.00 

  • Colour photocopying  =  £1.15 

  • Depositors (copies of their own material) = £0.10 

  • Self-service microform copies = £0.45 

 (Completion target: usually instantly, depending on quantity or workload) 

(c) Plan printing

Charge per copy (A2 to A0) done off-site = £24.25 

 (Completion target: 7 days) 

Please note that not all documents are suitable for photocopying. Please see our copying and conservation policy for details.