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Chawston Lodge

Chawston Lodge Mar 2007
Chawston Lodge March 2007

At the time of writing [2010] Chawston Lodge presents a sorry site, as the photographs on this page will show. It was listed by English Heritage in June 1997, which dated the house to about 1600 with 19th and 20th century alterations and additions. It is a timber-framed structure with external rendering and mock timber frame embellishment. It has an asbestos slate roof. The two bay house has two storeys and a 20th century extension to the east gable end as well as a 20th century porch in front. The listing notes that the interior has "substantial survival of original plan form" having a central chimney stack with back-to-back hearths serving adjoining rooms.

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed as to its rateable value. Chawston was assessed in 1927. The valuer visiting Chawston Lodge [DV1/C197/108-109] found it owned, not surprisingly, by Frederick Shirley Newell of Chawston House which lay on the opposite side of the road. The property was divided into two.

The eastern section comprised a living room, scullery and bedroom and was in the occupation of H. C. Dickens, an employee of Newell's. A weather-boarded and tiled barn stood outside and the valuer commented: "Just re-thatched". The western section was occupied by D. Braybrooks, who paid £4 per annum for a living room with a bedroom upstairs.

The end of Chawston Lodge March 2010
The end of Chawston Lodge March 2010