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Sources for Education in Chalgrave

The Old School November 2014
The Old School November 2014

The following list gives all the sources relating to education in Silsoe held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information. The references are to Chalgrave School which was in Tebworth.

  • P103/24/3: accounts and memoranda: 1851-1863;
  • AD3865/43: plans of the new school and school house: 1854;
  • P114/29/2: account book: 1855-1870;
  • SDChalgrave2: logbook: 1863-1906;
  • P114/28.23: concerts and readings at the school: 1867;
  • P114/28/22: new seats for the school: 1869;
  • P114/28/22: list of furniture in the school house: 1893;
  • P114/28/25: school managers' minutes: 1901-1903;
  • P114/28/25: notes on teachers: 1901-1904;
  • P114/28/25: school prize lists: 1901-1906;
  • E/SA3/1/2: managers' and inspector's reports: 1903;
  • SMM29/1: school managers' minute book: 1903-1971;
  • E/TE5/3: details of teachers: 1904-1908;
  • SDChalgrave3: logbook: 1907-1950;
  • T/TE5/4: details of teachers: 1908-1912;
  • E/IN1/1: school inspector's reports: 1911-1937;
  • SMM29/4: register of school lettings: 1920-1982;
  • SDChalgrave4: logbook: 1950-1978;
  • PCChalgrave26/2: notice of closure: 1952-1983;
  • SMM29/3: notes on school reorganisation: 1955;
  • SMM29/3: school inspector's report: 1961;
  • SMM29/3: inspector's report highlighting religious instruction: 1966;
  • CA8/886: building maintenance file: 1966-1983;
  • SDChalgrave7: photograph album with pictures of children and events: 1968;
  • SDChalgrave10: photograph album with pictures of children and events: 1968-1970;
  • SDChalgrave11: loose photographs: 1968-1983;
  • SDChalgrave8: photograph album with pictures of children and events: 1969;
  • SDChalgrave9: photograph album with pictures of children and events: 1970-1971;
  • SDChalgrave12: a child's work book on heraldry in the church: 1970s;
  • SDChalgrave13: a child's work book on wall paintings in the church: 1970s;
  • SDChalgrave14: certificate of the Dolphin Trophy award of distinction to the school for having every child leave as a swimmer: 1971;
  • SMM2: school managers' minute book: 1972-1983;
  • PCChalgrave26/1: school playing field correspondence: 1974;
  • SDChalgrave5: logbook: 1978-1983;
  • CA10/69: external repairs and redecoration: 1981;
  • E/TE3/4: return of teaching staff: 1981;
  • E/SC1/Gen5-6: details of the school and proposals for transfer of children on closure: 1981;
  • E/SC1/CGrave1-4: closure of the school: 1982;
  • PCChalgrave33/1: photographs of the buildings after conversion into a dwelling: 1995.