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Luton Poor Law Union

This Union comprised the following parishes: Barton-le-Clay; Caddington; Dunstable; Eaton Bray; Houghton Regis; Hyde; Kensworth; Leagrave; Limbury; Luton; Stopsley; Streatley; Studham; Sundon; Totternhoe; Whipsnade.

In 1846 Eaton Bray was transferred from Luton Poor Law Union to Leighton Buzzard Poor Law Union 

AGREEMENTS (PULA) 1835-1929 : including: maintenance of children; Medical Officer's contract; leases; building contracts; loans and mortgages; boundary changes and other agreements 

CORRESPONDENCE (PULC) 1835-1896 : including out letters (1835-1855 and 1871-1886) and incoming letters (1888-1896) 

ESTATES (PULE) 1835-1999 : title deeds for: Beech Hill Children's Home; new Poor Law Union Institution; Hadrian Lower School, Dunstable; Aley Green Cemetery, Caddington; Dunstable Road allotments, Kensworth; and land in Poynters Road, Dunstable and Goldstone Crescent, Dunstable 

FINANCIAL RECORDS (PULF) 1876-1931 : including the following: 
PULF2: Treasurer's Accounts (1914-1926): receipts and payments accounts 
PULF4: Financial Statements (Statutory) (1885-1900): receipts and payments 
PULF5: Financial Statements (Guardians) (1894-1899, 1913-1918) 
PULF8: Clothing Materials Receipts & Conversions (1924-1931): types of material received and garments made 
PULF9: Clothing Receipts & Expenditures (1924-1931) clothing received and given out 
PULF10: Provisions Receipts & Consumption (1921-1931 with gaps): food received and eaten 
PULF11: Casuals Provision Account (1929-1931): numbers at various daily meals and food eaten 
PULF12: Rough Quarterly Balance Book (Provisions) (1915-1931) 
PULF13: Farm Account (1927-1931) 
PULF14: Master's Day Books (1922-1931): provisions etc. received at workhouse with tradesmen's names 
PULF15: Register of Securities (1876-1929): loans for workhouse alterations and extensions and other areas of land noted under PULE above 

HEALTH RECORDS (PULH) 1891-1929 : including the following: 
PULH3: Register of Vaccinations (1891): Registrar's return of births 
PULH4: Medical Officer's Reports (1921-1929): includes some detailed notes and criticisms 

LEDGERS (PULL) 1837-1922 

MINUTES (PULM) 1835-1930 
PULM34 Minutes of 1904 to 1906 index
PULM36 Minutes of 1909 to 1912 index  

COMMITTEE MINUTES (PULMC) 1877-1927 : including the following: 

PULMC1: Boarding-Out Committee (1911-1927): also including long lists of maintenance and clothing allowances 
PULMC2-3: House Committee (1914-1927): day to day running of the workhouse 
PULMC4: School Attendance Committee (1877-1900): dealing with schools not controlled by School Boards 

RELIEF (PULR) c.1835-1933 : including the following: 
PULR1: Weekly Indoor Relief Lists (1916-1933): relief within the workhouse 
PULR2: Outdoor Relief Lists (c.1835, 1912-1930): relief for paupers in their home parishes, includes names 
PULR3: Relief Order Books (1910-1924): includes names of applicants 
PULR4: Application & Report Books (1912-1929): includes applicants' names and circumstances 

VARIA (PULV) 1835-1952 : including the following: 
PULV1: Admission & Discharge Registers (1916-1934): includes names and circumstances of workhouse inmates 
PULV2: Admission & Discharge Registers (Casuals) (1925-1931): includes names and circumstances of those admitted on a temporary basis 
PULV6: Master's Report & Journal (1895-1929): weekly statistics and events at workhouse 
PULV11: Register of Boarded-Out Children (1910-1913, 1920): includes names and circumstances of children 
PULV15: Registers of Births in the Workhouse (1866-1949): St.Mary's Hospital from 1947, includes names 
PULV16: Registers of Deaths in the Workhouse (1866-1951): St.Mary's Hospital from 1947, includes names 
PULV17: Registers of Religious Creeds (1876-1949): includes names of workhouse inmates 
PULV18: Visitors' Book (1929-1930): little information 
PULV19: Matron's Report (1914-1928): fairly full reports on inmates 
PULV20: Register of All Persons Entering & Leaving the Institution (1916-1918): names and circumstances of workhouse inmates are given 
PULV21: Plans & Specifications of the Institution (c.1835): workhouse plans etc. 
PULV22: Necessaries & Miscellaneous Account (1930-1931) 
PULV23: Officers' Ration Account (1930-1931) 
PULV24: Punishment Book (1909-1952): includes names, offences and punishments of workhouse inmates 
PULV25: Patients' Admission & Discharge Register (1924-1950): includes names of workhouse hospital inmates, St.Mary's Hospital from 1947 
PULV26: Maternity Register (1931-1949): includes names, St.Mary's Hospital from 1947 
PULV27: Ground Plan of Hospital (c.1948): St.Mary's Hospital 
PULV28: Patients' Discharge Register (1941-1948): includes names, St.Mary's Hospital from 1947 
PULV29: Blank Contract Forms (c.1930) 
PULV30: Rules for Nurses (1929): Luton Union Infirmary (workhouse hospital) 
PULV31: Workhouse Additions & Alterations (1903-1904): correspondence, estimates etc. for new casual wards etc. 
PULV32: Apprenticeship Indentures (1924): for Albert Brooks and Charles William Phillpott 
PULV33: Poor Law Commissioners Orders & Memoranda (1835-1890): a very varied series