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Ampthill Poor Law Union

This Union comprised the following parishes: Ampthill; Clophill; Cranfield; Flitton; Flitwick; Upper and Lower Gravenhurst; Haynes; Higham Gobion; Houghton Conquest; Lidlington; Marston Moretaine; Maulden; Millbrook; Pulloxhill; Shillington; Silsoe; Steppingley; Westoning

On the dissolution of Woburn Poor Law Union in 1899 the following parishes joined the Ampthill Union, forming the Woburn District: Aspley Guise; Aspley Heath; Battlesden; Eversholt; Harlington; Hulcote; Husborne Crawley; Milton Bryan; Potsgrove; Ridgmont; Salford; Tingrith; Toddington; Woburn 

AGREEMENTS (PUAA) 1835-1903: various agreements such as charges on Poor Rates of specific parishes to raise money, mortgages and other loans 

CORRESPONDENCE (PUAC) 1837-1930 : out letters for the full period and incoming letters for 1882-1930 

DEEDS (PUAE) 1728-1901 : these being the title deeds to the workhouse of 1835 and its extension of 1901 

FINANCIAL RECORDS (PUAF) 1835-193 1 : including the following series: 
PUAF1: Treasurer's Book (1924-1927) 
PUAF2: Treasurer's Account (1914-1920) 
PUAF4: Statutory Financial Statements (1911-1927) 
PUAF5: Guardians' Financial Statements (1879-1910) 
PUAF7: Relieving Officer's Receipts and Expenditures (1915-1922) 
PUAF8: Clothing Materials Receipts and Conversions (1912-1917) amounts of material received, clothes made etc. 
PUAF10: Quarterly Provisions Receipts and Consumption (1913-1915) 
PUAF11: Casuals' Provisions (1923-1929) people given shelter on a temporary basis, not long term workhouse inmates 
PUAF15: Extra Provisions Accounts (1908-1920) including tobacco, snuff, tea and sugar 
PUAF16: Workhouse Accounts (1835-1855) including amounts paid to various tradesmen 
PUAF17: Service Register (1891-1898) including names of appointees and details of wages etc. 
PUAF18: Summary of Master's Day Book (1924-1931) names of tradesmen etc. 
PUAF19: Officers' Superannuation (1896-1913) names of officers and service details relating to claims 
PUAF20: Grant for Officers of Union (1888-1889) expenditure on salaries, drugs etc. including names of officers 

HEALTH RECORDS (PUAH) 1873-1916 : including the following series: 
PUAH3: Registers of Vaccinations (1873-1921) copies of registers of births with names of children 
PUAH4/1: Medical Officer's Report Book (1901-1904) names, descriptions etc. of workhouse inmates 
PUAH4/2: Medical Officer's Relief Book (1909-1916) names, descriptions etc. of out-patients 
PUAH5: Workhouse Medical Relief Book (1887-1890) names, descriptions etc. of workhouse inmates 

GENERAL LEDGERS (PUAL) 1835-1930 with gaps : not a full series nor with consistent information given but including: tradesmen; officers; relief; migration; clothing; funeral accounts; vaccination accounts etc. 

MINUTE BOOKS (PUAM) 1835-1930 : a full series 

COMMITTEE RECORDS (PUAMC) 1862-1930: including the following: 
PUAMC1: Assessment Committee (1862-1897) rating assessments of parishes 
PUAMC2: Boarding-Out Committee (1910-1930) children boarded out, including regular lists 
PUAMC3: School Attendance Committee (1885-1903) relating to parishes without School Boards (i.e. Ampthill, Clophill, Cranfield, Flitton, Upper & Lower Gravenhurst, Haynes, Higham Gobion, Houghton Conquest, Pulloxhill, Silsoe and Westoning) 
PUAMC4: Special Visiting Committee (1904-1914) visitors to workhouse 
PUAMC5: Visiting Committee (1896-1906) quarterly visits by Committee members to mentally ill in workhouse 
PUAP4: Parochial Ledger (1897-1901) receipts and payments by constituent parishes 

RELIEF (PUAR) 1839-1930: including the following: 
PUAR1: Indoor Relief Lists (1908-1915) lists of workhouse inmates from each parish 
PUAR2: Outdoor Relief Lists (1844-1930 with gaps) weekly lists of recipients of relief in parishes 
PUAR3: Relief Order Books (1876-1930) names, addresses etc. of applicants for relief 
PUAR4: Application and Report Books (1887-1930) names and details of applicants for relief 
PUAR5: Early Application and Report Books (1839-1859) names and details of applicants for relief 
PUAR6: Loans to Paupers (1857-1861) mainly loans for funeral expenses 
PUAR7: Pauper Descriptive Lists (1835-1836) one volume for each parish in Union with full individual descriptions 

VARIA (PUAV) 1836-1968 : including the following: 
PUAV1: Admission and Discharge Registers (1908-1956) names etc. of those admitted to residential care 
PUAV2: Admission and Discharge Registers (casuals) (1921-1931) names etc. of those admitted to temporary care 
PUAV4: Form A Weekly Returns (1848-1930) statistics of workhouse inmates and those receiving outdoor relief 
PUAV5: Form B Weekly Returns (1904) 
PUAV6: Master's Report & Journal (1896-1948) reports include details of entertainments etc. 
PUAV15: Registers of Births (1912-1936) continuation of Vaccination Registers (PUAH 3) 
PUAV16/1: Register of Deaths of Infants (1906-1910) 
PUAV16/2: Register of Deaths in Public Assistance Institution (1914-1951) 
PUAV16/3: Register of Deaths in Three Counties Hospital (1908-1929) 
PUAV17: Registers of Religious Creed (1883-1941) lists of names etc. 
PUAV18: Visitor's Books (1870-1871, 1911-1913, children 1909-1910) 
PUAV19: Registers of Overseers of the Poor (1903-1927) all parish overseers within the Union 
PUAV20: Chaplain's Report Book (1904-1918) services held and visitations made 
PUAV21: Bread & Meat Contracts (1882, 1884, 1888) 
PUAV22: Workhouse Punishment Books (1853-1929) names, details of offence, punishment etc. 
PUAV23: Registers of Names (1895-1914, 1938-1958) indexed 
PUAV24: Register of Hospital Patients (1954-1957) 
PUAV25: Wages Books (1923-1948 with gaps) 
PUAV26: Vaccination Register (1932-1935) see also PUAH 3 
PUAV27: Menu Book (1964-1967) 
PUAV28: Inventories (1902-1947, 1964) furniture at the workhouse and later small domestic items of clothing 
PUAV29: Report Books (1964-1968) report books for The Cedars Old People's Home 
PUAV30: Prescription Book (1961-1965) for The Cedars Old People's Home 
PUAV33: Admission & Discharge Counterfoil Book (1967-1968) patient details 
PUAV34: Stock Lists (1962-1967) items of food 
PUAV35: Clothing Issued (1961-1962) 
PUAV36: Apprenticeship Indentures from Ampthill Union (1862-1894) the following names of apprentices occur: Anniwell; Ashton; Barratt; Beasley; Braybrooks; Burge; Clarke; Cox; Dicks; Dudley; Gudgin; Halfhead; Haytread; Heathfield; Jordan; Jepps; Kitchiner; Lancaster; Litchfield; Manton; Millard; Newbery; Newman; Nurshall; Richardson; Rogers; Wilson; Young 
PUAV37: Apprenticeship Indentures to Ampthill Union (1882, 1914) 
PUAV38: Apprenticeship Papers & Correspondence (1862-1873) names mentioned include: Barratt; Dudley; Millard; Rogers; Squires; Wilks 
PUAV39: Removal Orders to Parishes outside the Union (1837-1914) names include: Barnes; Chesher; Frendle; Foskett; Hare; Johnson; Neal; Parnwell; Read; Spencer 
PUAV40: Removal Order Within the Union (1864) Jane Plowman - Silsoe to Lower Gravenhurst 
PUAV41: Removal Orders to Parishes in the Union (1837--1899) names include: Abbis; Allen; Arnold; Barker; Barnes/Burley; Berrell; Billingham; Breed; Burley; Clark; Cole; Cooper; Crawley; Day; Draper; Dunham; Ebbs; Edmunds; Faulkner; French; Goodman; Hannawell; Hare; Harrington; Hayhead; Herbert; Hosler; Izzard; Kedge; Leggatt; Litchfield; Maudlin/Mardlin; Newberry; Odell; Parker; Penwright; Peters; Phillips; Porter; Poulter/Leture; Pratt; Redman; Ruddlestone; Sanders; Simkins; Sturgess; Tall; Thompson; Timms; Tompkins; Wharton; Wheeler; Williamson 
PUAV42: Return of Removals to Parishes in the Union (1841) numbers with a few names 
PUAV43: Workhouse Extensions and Alterations (1883) plans, correspondence etc. 
PUAV44: Plans of Proposed Workhouse Wood Chopping Sheds (1903) 
PUAV45: New Windows in Children's Dayroom at Workhouse (1911) 
PUAV46: Dietaries (1917) diets for various categories of inmate 
PUAV47: Constabulary Force Commissioners Returns (1836) questions on law and order answered by parishes 
PUAV48: Terriers of Lands & Inventories of Funds, Securities & Money (1837) 
PUAV49: Rating Valuation (1899-1904) assessments of railway stations, public houses and a farm 
PUAV50: Civil Registration (1899-1902) correspondence 
PUAV51: Census Returns (1900-1912) instructions and background papers 
PUAV52: Return of Board Schools, Parish Rooms & Reading Rooms (c.1900) with details of owners, occupiers etc. 
PUAV53: Circulars & Posters (1836, 1871) 
PUAV54: Workhouse Ground Plan (1895) 
PUAV55: Workhouse New Board Room Plan (1901)