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Mormonism in Thorncote

Interestingly a Mormon meeting (not common in Bedfordshire) was registered in Thorncote in 1850. It was at premises owned by William Fisher of Potton in the village. At this time the secular authorities wished to know how many people in the country attended worship and the rough proportions for each denomination. Thus a census of worshippers was held on Sunday 30th March 1851, known as the Ecclesiastical Census. It was not a particularly popular exercise and the day itself, cold, wet and unpleasant, did not exactly encourage people to go outdoors.

Nevertheless, the minister, John Spiers of 7 Grove Terrace, Bedford, recorded that twenty five people turned out in the morning, sixty three in the afternoon and forty seven in the evening. The meeting could seat a hundred and forty. Interestingly, there was also a Mormon meeting in Upper Caldecote, registered in 1850, but this made no return. The most obvious explanation for this is a guess that Caldecote and Thorncote hosted meetings of Mormons from the district on alternate Sundays.