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Medieval Murder in Shelton

Volume XLI produced by Bedfordshire Historical Records Society in 1960 was a selection of medieval coroner’s rolls for Bedfordshire held at the National Archives and translated by  R. F. Hunnisett. Entry number 286 reads as follows.

“Inquest at  Shelton before the same coroner [W. Mordaunt] by Shelton, Yielden, Melchbourne and Dean. On the night of 6th March 1317 certain unknown strangers lodged in an empty house of William le Englys at the head of the township of Shelton. They cut the throat of one of their number with a “trencheor” knife and he immediately died. The rest immediately fled. Geoffrey Gosse first found him, raised the hue and found pledges, John ate Yate and John le Coten. [The neighbours were attached] John ate Feld by William Yvot and John, son of Hugh; John of Croxton by Robert ate Grene and Hugh of Keyston; Walter ate Ridye by Robert ate Persones and Thomas Gosse; John of Keyston by Simon le Wylde and William Matheu. [The knife] was appraised at 1½ d. [for which] Shelton will answer.