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Leighton Buzzard Union Children Boarded Out

Index to the Leighton Buzzard Poor Law Union Register of Children Boarded Out 1887 - 1909.

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Gives Name of child, whether orphan or deserted, age of child, Name of Foster parent, Residence of Foster Parent, Occupation of Foster Parent, Relationship of Foster Parent (if any). Date of undertaking by Foster Parent, Amount of Weekly Relief, Remarks.
Baker, Reuben Frederick page 1
Bates, Hannah Ethel page 7
Birch, Elizabeth page 4
Bliss, Elizabeth page 3
Bliss, Minnie Kate page 3
Brandom, Emma page 8
Brown, Gertrude Florence page 8
Burnell, Nat page 4
Dyer, Arthur pages 2, 7
Dyer, Lewis page 2
Dyer, Ruth page 1 & 4 (twice)
Dyer, Sidney page 2
Farr, Sidney page 6 (twice)
Favell, Jane page 4
Favell, May page 7
Groom, Ethel page 7
Haynes, Ernest Fred page 1
Hodgin, Alice pages 6, 7
Hodgin, Edith page 6
Hodgin, Elizabeth page 6
Hodgin, Henry page 6 (twice)
Hodgin, Lily page 6
Holmes, Violet Annie page 7
Howlett, Cicely page 8
Howlett, George page 8
Howlett, Sidney page 8 (twice)
Howlett, Stanley page 8 (twice)
Humphrey, Bertha page 7
Humphrey, Herbert page 7
Hurst, Lydia Catherine Masters page 1 (twice)
Janes, Mary page 1
King, Selina page 2
Leach, Edgar pages 3, 4
Lugsden, Ezra page 3
Lugsden, Harold page 3
Money, Frederick page 5
Money, Harry page 5
Pratt, Martha page 7
Rickett, Edith page 5
Rickett, Ernest page 5
Rickett, Lucy page 5
Rodgers, Edith page 2
Rowe, Florence page 6
Sapwell, William page 2
Simpson, Minnie page 8
Siret, Emmie page 8
Stevens, Elizabeth page 5
Stevens, Ernest page 5
Stevens, William page 3
Sturman, Harry page 2
Tompkins, Annie page 1
Topping, Gwendoline Iris Featherstone page 9
Wicks, Edith May page 5
Wicks, Zilpah page 1
Windmill, Basil page 1
Woolhead, Ada page 4